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Barack oBOWma

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Roaster, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

    So there is this big hoo har about Barack bowing to the Japanese emperor.

    It looked to me to be the action of an educated man sensitive to culture and tradition, and I saw it as a sign of respect towards one's host.

    What do you reckon - was the bow a wise move? Is the attitude that "we bow to no man" constructive or appropriate, or would the yankee doodle leaders do well to take steps to improve their cultural sensitivity?
  2. Yes its being culturally sensitive. This sort of thing will do very well for America's global image but the conservative's will take it to heart because it undermine's the country's superiority over other nations.
  3. William Kristol and Bill Bennett need to wake up to themselves.

    A bow for the president is nothing compared with taking orders from the ruling elite in the US.
    Guantanamo Bay is still open. Troops are still in Afghanistan. The pres bows down to heaps of things.
  4. In Japan a bow signifies respect, not servitude.

    I don't remember the right wing nutjobs making a fuss when their poster-boy Bush held hands with his male Saudi friends, like some GODDAMMED HO-MO-SECK-SHULL.
  5. Oh yes, I'd much prefer Bushy slappin' im on the ass! Not like American's to be ignorant of the practices of foreign countries...
  6. =D>=D>=D>
  7. the hysteria surrounding this by the right wing retards is such a joke!
  8. Bowing in that situation is very appropriate.
    Personally I think the bow is a little low considering the modern role of the Japanese “Monarchy” but maybe that is more just my view of monarchies in general.
  9. The angle of his back is OK, but by dropping his head that far he's left himself wide open to a crane kick. "Never lower your eyes to an enemy!"
  10. Not a huge deal IMO. Having lived in both of those places, both forms of greeting seem pretty natural to me -- If anything, the mixture of the two at the same time is a bit awkward.
  11. What you have to remember is that, since the US Presidential Election, the US Right appear have gone even more completely, spittle-flecked, batshit crazy than they already were.

    It's seriously ugly but I live in hope that it's not representative of all Americans. The election result suggests that it's not.
  12. How about the two elections before that, the second one being even scarier... I'm just amazed how many people voted for that moron Palin, scary stuff.
  13. This is stupid.
  14. ?
  15. Quarterwit is a Bush apologist so he is entitled to have that little bit of lickspittle come out of the corner of his mouth.8-[
  16. I prefer Bush fanboi actually.

    But nah, that isn't the reason for this being stupid. It's just such a non-issue, that a few select comments from some stupid American commentators gets put up on a forum. If we did that everytime some yank uttered a dumb comment, the forum would be full of meaningless dribble.

    hang on...
  17. Actually it's not that miniscule, a lot of yanks republicans in particular have a big problem with monarchy...

    Now I wonder why that is???

  18. LOL
    fair enough it is a non issue.
  19. Good pick-up!

    Etiquette would suggest that a slightly lessor bow to an equal would have been better.

    In fact the rule is simple.
    You bow lower than a superior
    You bow to the same level as an equal
    You bow less than a subordinate.