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Bar weight removal

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by deafwish, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. Good morning all!
    I removed my handlebars from the Hornet last night to replace them with some new low braced drag style bars.
    I got them off fine, but I'm having terrible trouble getting the bar end weights off. I see the concept on how they are removed, just can't do it! :mad:
    Any tips or magic tricks to remove them.....?
    Daz. :wink:

  2. More details on the problem? You see the concept of just undo'ing the screw, so what problem are you having? Perhaps they have been glued/lock-tight to the bar?
  3. Thanks for the reply, Mouth.
    Yes I have removed the screw and outer part of the weight.
    The insert that goes into the bar is stuck, and I'm baffled why.
    I am hoping there is a trick to removing them.
    If they were loctite'd, that would indeed, suck.
  4. If they are locktited they may need some gentle encouragement.

    One idea would be to wrap a facewasher (or similar) around the bar end to prevent scratching then try giving it a twist with multigrips. :)
  5. Quite often, with the use of Loctite, heat is required to break the bond.
  6. Go borrow the missus' hair dryer.

    Good luck
  7. I take it that the insert is a threaded rod, and you can see a diagonally cut surface facing you when you look into the end of the of the handlebar?

    Here's how I'd be doing it.

    1. If there's any room between the end of the insert and the end of the bar, put a flat washer over the bar end, pass the bolt through it and thread the bolt into the insert. Use the bolt as a puller to extract the insert. BE sure that the bolt is threaded all the way through the insert - you want the load to be spread over as many turns of the thread as possible.

    insert \                       |  +-+
    ========\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\| | <- bolt.  
             \ <---- clearance---->|  +-+
    2. If the end of the insert is up against the end of the handlebar, find a bolt with the same thread as that in the rod, thread it well into the insert, put a wooden block over then head of the bolt/screw and give it a sharp rap (not a whack - there's a difference) with a hammer. BE sure that the bolt is threaded all the way through the insert - you want the load of the rap to be spread over as many turns of the thread as possible. LATE EDIT: IF you can nudge it a little way into the bar, get some oil around the newly exposed inside surface of the handlebar and use option 1) to pull it back out again. Repeat these steps, adding oil each time until it frees up enough to be completely removed.
           \       +-+
    ========\\\\\\\| | <- bolt.  rap here
    insert   \     +-+
  8. The insert is flush with the bar end, so i will use the hammer.
    I will give that a go tonight, thanks Mark!
  9. Late addition to my suggestion - using the hammer will only move it into the bar, so see the edit to my earlier post on what to do next.

    If none of these work, let me know and I will machine a sleeve to go over the end of the bar that will allow you to pull the insert out, despite it being flush with the bar end.

    There is a right tool for every job, and a right job for every tool. The right job for multigrips is to be a paperweight.
  10. I am having exactly the same trouble as deafwish, and was gonna ask you guys, I'll just try the suggestions instead :)
  11. I tried ALL of the above ways and still, the little buggers won't come out. :mad:
    I guess I'll have to take it to a bike shop for someone to do.
  12. This one?: http://www.the2hands.btinternet.co.uk/fittings/Page_2x.html
  13. Bar end weights!!

    If you have genuine honda bars, they will have 6" long lead weights in them,supported by a rubber bush at either end,,the rubber bush nearest the end of the handlebar has a locking type spring steel clip has protusions that stick outwards into the handlebar.These 'v' shaped protusions click into a 3mm hole on the handlebar .You need three hands.lots of wd40 for the rubbers bush's,somtimes there is a hole underneath aswell as hole on the top of the bar( this is all getting a bit erotic?:/), you need to push both v shaped clip protusions towards the insde of the bar whilstyour third hand has a long 6mm bolt screwed into the lead weight(or 6mm att. on as slide hammer),to try to pull it out of the end of the bar.dont forget to lube!!
    If you have a'markt bar ends the rubber is just stuck in there with the 6mm nut behind it ,youll just need more lube & a hook pick to try & get the rubber bush out.!:)) i think i need some food or something now !! good luck :cool: :shock: :shock: