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Bar risers

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Jeimbo, May 27, 2007.

  1. Standard bars on the C50 (VL800) Suzy have me leaning a touch forward which kills my back after a while. Anyone sampled bar risers to bring the riding position back a bit? Would it help with my problem?

  2. i'd like to have input but.... well the topic amused me. the best bar riser is anything that gets your rocks off..... :LOL:
  3. Ask both Stimpy and Hipster Doofus.. They both have them on the C50..
  4. I've got 4" risers on mine and they set back another 1" 1/2
    I had the same prob as you but these make you sit more upright if not leaning back a little.
    It will depend on how far back you need to go as to which ones you get.
    I only got mine as they came combined with a Tacho otherwise I may have gone a bit smaller.
    Next ride have a sit on mine and see how they feel.
    Hope this helps
  5. I have risers on the GS, and they made a huge difference to riding position for me, absolutely no pressure on the wrists when combined with a Throttle Rocker or heated hand grips. :grin:
  6. PhatRisers raises the bars 1.5" and puts your grip point 2" closer to you. Works with original cables/hoses (in most installations).

    PhatRisers II raises the bars 2" above that of the OEM Suzuki mount, pulls your grips back 3" closer to you. Works with original cables/hoses in most applications. (I have these)

    All I had to do with the cables was cut the ties holding the brake cable then put new ones on. Also had to add padding to the stem bolt as the clutch cable was rubbing on it when doing a full right lock.

    The bolt that holds the stem on is a different size from the original. 21mm I think. Comes supplied anyway.

    Have a look at Scootworks for more info.

    Also if you have trouble with your back get a backrest. Best thing, apart from the risers, that I have installed.
  7. All info greatly appreciated - looking forward to seeing some of this gear on next ride.
    Thanks folks.