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Bar ends

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by smee, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. Was wondering does changing the bar end weights for heavier ones or adding spacers to them affect the handling?
    Exactly what do bar ends do?
    Always wondered.

  2. It never occured to me that I could do that!
    What I can say is that if one falls off on the Eastern Fwy never to be seen again, then the bike handles like crap until it's replaced. :wink:
  3. In a nutshell, they stop vibration. Without them, the vibration would stuff your hands and wrists in just an hour or 3 of riding. As the bike runs and moves forward it produces resonance. The bars will move/vibrate in certain ways at different frequencies. It's often called "flapping" where, in the middle between the clamps the bar isn't moving/vibrating, but at the ends it is. The bar end weights dampen, via intertia, this resonant vibration so as you can ride it :)

    Unless you mod the bike dramatically, changing the bar ends for heavier ones or adding spacers will do nothing to improve handling. Don't chnage them to lighter one's though, otherwise you may introduce too much vibration and your hands and wrists will feel it.
  4. heavier bar ends can dull out some of the annoying vibration, through the bars, that some bikes possess.
  5. Hmm thanks for the responses.
    So If I add more spacers so that the bar ends are further apart would that have the same effect as making them heavier?
    I may investigate heavier bar ends as sometimes though not always my hands do go numb at times.
  6. No, more likely the opposite. By adding spacers, you are lengthening the bars and the current weights may not be heavy enough to provide the correct interia for the new bar length.

    Try it .. but I doubt you get the desired effect. Your BM will have better balanced bar weights than OEM's will provide. Your probably better looking at better padded gloves, or perhaps wrist brace under them on long rides.
  7. Thanks.
  8. bugger one of mine fell out and i took the other one out to use when buying a new one...that was 3 months ago and i did not notice anything with out them!
  9. It's a common thing on gixxers to increase the size of them.

    Theoretically it reduces the tedency to tank slap. It's also ment to slow stearing. How much I can't say.

    Agree with the vibration thing too.
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  12. Actually I thought that there would be plenty of Netriders who were expert on the subject of bar ends, they spend so much time there!!!

  13. So much so that I built my own in the back yard :LOL: :LOL:
  14. There's an end to the bar?

    I thought they just went on. I usually can't see that far.
  15. In the early 80's in europe there was brief 'fad' for adjustable bar ends. They consisted of a pretty standard bar end with a threaded hole in the middle and a cylindrical weight with a threaded shaft that fitted into the hole. The idea was that by screwing the weight in and out you could 'balance' the steering and reduce the tendency to 'tank slap'. I am ashamed to say that I got sucked in by the hype and bought a set of these miraculous devices. I spent weeks fiddling and adjusting before finally admitting to myself that the only thing balanced was my wallet, being now lighter than before.
  16. www.austreetfighter.com.au

    This lot have a good range of bar ends made by a UK company called oberon.

    Some very nice reasonably priced gear available, and good to deal with.
  17. Typical! I post a serious question and it degenerates into a talk about boozing and phalluses.

    Now I want to know how heavier bar ends slow steering I find it puzzling.
  18. Well, doesn't every thread end up there?

    Sorry, smee, I started that one.

    My "guess' is that the weight of the bar ends affects how quickly the bars can be turned??? Would that affect the handling, or just change the way a rider has to input?
  19. It's all about harmonics.
  20. I used to play one of them when I was a kid....

    (sorry, there I go again)