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bar ends

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Kaos, Jul 9, 2005.

  1. I need new bar ends and have a question. Is vibration a big problem with the alloy versions of bar ends, especially since i have a rumbly twin? Or should i go with the steel version?

  2. Twin?
    STEEL !!
    You'll need the weight to cancel the vibes.
    Check BikeMart, they have/ can get aftermarkets for you.
  3. I don't think its a matter of what there made of , its the weight you need
  4. Yeh thats why i was wondering between light alloy or heavy stainless steel.
    Anyone have contact details and location for bikemart? Its not listed in yellow or white pages. Is it that shop near whatsitfaces?
  5. 9879 5822, next to A1 in Ringwood.
    Whitepages.com.au>>>type Bike Mart...state Vic>>> hit enter
  6. I bought alloy ones for my twin which shakes like shit, they were replacements for the steel ones that vibrated off on the GOR. (bought them from bikemart for about $14)
  7. No wonder, i was typing bike mart as one word.
  8. The rex has balancing shafts no? And short clip-ons? So the bar ends just have to cancel out harmonic vibes ... I think it'll be trial and error as between alloy and steel.
  9. I believe that is so. And, since that is the case, alloy would be better cos it's lighter, yes?
  10. Don't know RC36.

    You'd think a twin with longish bars like my last ride - TDM850 (same donk as the rex) - would be worse than a triple with short bars like my Sprint. Nope. Both have steel bar ends. ... the wonders of harmonics.
  11. I didnt replace my bar ends after all, they didnt cop any worthwhile damage in my off so i left em there.
  12. !!

    Must've been the grey primer.
  13. Actually, I thought that most Netrider members would be very interested in this post, particularly as it concerns bars!!!
  14. Sho nuff Elmer.

    Now what would go into a cocktail called Grey Primer?

    Or Bar End?
  15. The cocktail 'Grey Primer' consists of Red Bull, dry vermouth and brandy, perfect for 'priming' the oldies before sex with the dames, eh rc36 & hornet :LOL: :LOL: