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BAR ENDS - newbie question

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by jphanna, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. Guys

    i am new to the MB world. pelase excuse this quest if its dumb...

    what is it with the extended bar ends i see on many motorbikes? is it for protection, looks, or some sort of stability aiding weight?
  2. ? i didn't know bar ends had an attitude? You'd have to ask them what's up in that case. Mine just sit there in their aftermarket chrome glory. :)



    yes. Helps dampen out vibration.

    See you knew more than you thought.
  3. How you going to know where the end of the bar is without them??
  4. The whole motorcycle comes unravelled without them, and there would you be. ;)
  5. And now I'm going to ask a newbie question.. do they only fit specific bikes designed to use them?

    I've seen some that look quite nifty, and I wouldn't mind protecting my grips from further damage, but theres no way of attaching anything (short from custom fab work... or glue, lots of glue)
  6. Most bikes have the same size bars, but there is some variation (think fat cruiser bars etc.)

    The standard form of attachment for bar-ends is a bolt and rubber sleeve that slides into the handlebar. When the bolt is tightened the rubber sleeve is compressed lengthways and pushed outwards, forming a tight seal on the inside of the tube.

    You need the bolt and crush tube thingy.
  7. Bar end weights come in for customisation in all forms of the game, but as far as I know, they are designed by the manufacturers to provide a specific amount of weight, sa their name suggests, to damp out the vibrtation that may come through the bars. As such I'd guess that since different motors provide different degrees of vibration, then weights vary in, er, weight, from bike to bike.

    I'd be interested in a 'seat-of-the-pants', so to speak, assessment of a standard set of weights over a spiffy alloy set on the same bike, if someone's ever done one. My gut feeling is that the alloy weights wouldn't damp as much vibration since they are lighter.....
  8. A new rear tyre would protect your grips nicely Chris :p
  9. The only difference it made was a visual one.
  10. On a four cylinder 250 years ago, the spiffy set made no difference. On my GS500 alloy ones were horrible, went back to the stock ends.

    On the ER6, even the quite heavy stock ones transmitted a few more vibes than I liked. I now use extra heavy duty bar ends from www.hvmp.com and they made a huge difference. Bonus being if I ever need to weight someone to sleep with the fish's... they're heavy enough.

    Just for shits and giggles, try asking about heavier weight bar ends in Peter Stevens - I dare you ;)
  11. need em for rwc aswell