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bar-ends. learn something new everyday

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by loki, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. Netrider has always been a wealth of information for me, i've learnt a helluva lot about the art of riding here. but i haven't heard this one yet

    today i found out something interesting about bar-ends, from one of the mechs at Kawasaki HQ which i'm going to share
    my bosses, who both ride dirtbikes, recently had a Kwaka dual-sport for testing. they noted the bar-ends on the handlebars, which dirt-bikes usually lacked. my response was to shrug and guess it's to protect the bike, give it something sacrificial to slide along when you crash.

    upon returning the bike to Kawasaki, they asked one of the head mechs who said these bar-ends are deliberately weighted, up to 400grams each. this has a stabilising effect on the handlebars on the road (dirtbikes don't gain much from them given their rought terrain). so if your bike feels a little weird on the road since buying those fancy carbon aftermarket bar-ends, now you know why

    learn something new everyday :)
  2. It's my belief that they also damp out high-frequency vibration, which would otherwise numb your hands on long trips.....

    {that could be wrong too, but I was told that ages ago....}
  3. Yeah from the reviews i've read it damps vibration, and helps stability.
  4. Try riding a bike that's meant to have them (but removed) and you're hands go numb pretty quickly.
  5. I've always assumed it's mainly a vibration thing too, although they're sufficiently far outboard to exert a measurable effect on the moment of inertia of the steering (though insignificant compared to the bloody great gyroscope attached to the other end of your forks).

    My DR had them from the factory. I took them off to fit handguards (and gain a crucial 40 mm width reduction :twisted: ) and have noticed no difference in either stability or vibration.
  6. I had a friend with a CBR600RR that lost one of the ends. Vibes were noticeable and numbing. New bar ends, problem solved.
  7. Took my scrappy old ones off when I fitted the new grips, and am getting around to replacements. In the meantime vibes on my freeway commute usually send at least one hand to sleep. Haven't noticed much in the way of handling difference - although now that I think about it tipping in is maybe a little more vague than it was, but that could just be me getting out of practise.
  8. basically, it creates a mass variation so that the bar can't resonate as perfectly as it would otherwise. It should also modify the resonant modes, ideally shifting antinodes away from the grip. I know that theres an antinode at my RHS mirror at 6.5kRPM.
  9. it's both stability and vibration
  10. Fair enough on a bike that needs them. It appears that the DR didn't, though, which does rather beg the question of why Suzuki bothered. Maybe there's now an expectation amongst buyers that all bikes should have 'em, without consideration as to need.
  11. mine have rubber in them to help the vibes but still shakes like nothing else.. stood next to a guy once who only wanted to get one new sftermarket one as the one he had on the other side was fine.. probably rode in circles for days.
  12. I think it's called the 'tuning-fork effect' FWIW :wink:

  13. The stock ones on my bike weigh a ton, about 500g each I think, and I have a racing pair I picked up on ebay that weigh next to nothing. I should try them out just to see the difference I suppose. I would probably prefer the stability though.
  14. Number one reason to have dirt bike bar ends is so you (or someone else) doesn't end up impaled by your handle bar. An open tube goes straight through you.
  15. Yes, I understand why there'd be something in the 'ole. Open bar ends scare me for exactly that reason. I just question the need for weights.
  16. on the topic of learning curves & Bar Ends. The GPX250 has them lock tighted in nice and hard allegedly. (dont know if this is normal for bikes?) When you have DIY baboons like me wanting to take them off to mount bar end mirrors it gets messy.

    I had to take mine to a mechanic to get them off after stripping screw heads, breaking screwdrivings, bashing with hammers etc. As I was sledging the previous owner for glueing them in he assured me that more often than not they come like this from the factory. Not sure if this is true, but an interesting fact for any potential passion fingers out there wanting to go the hack on a GPX.

    Finished product was worth it though, for all the stuffing around and screwdriver blisters. I havnt noticed any more vibrations or changes on long or short rides.

  17. just for giggles-and in the name of science-why don't you replace just one, and tell us how that goes :wink:

  18. did they try removing the both at the same time, i can see how by running one it will cause bad vibes through the bars etc.....i removed mine about 20,000km ago and i when i first removed them i thought the steering felt slightly light (was also told it will shake like crazy) but i also put on light aftermarket bars, really i didn't notice any excessive buzzing through the bar and bugger all difference in the grand scheme of things. I have done 1000km days with no problems

    Everybody who has ridden my bike has commented on the vibes of the twin but nothing about the bars through the bars.

    Maybe it does do something but from my personal experience on the sv it's made no difference :)
  19. My GPX bar ends took a rattle-gun to get them out, and even then the heads were written off. Then again, it was the originals on a 20 year old bike, and I just assumed they'd seized over time. My GSXR ones came loose every couple of weeks and needed tightening, so guess it depends on bike, and history.
  20. i havent notived anything different from my bike to my bros, hes stocky and mines got aftermarket