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Bar ends falling out - k6 GSXR

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by lotus7, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. My bar ends have decided to suddenly become loose after many 1000's of km.
    They are the stock bar ends for the k6 GSXR 1000 and have not been touched previously.

    Is there a "better way" to re-insert them so they will not decide to vibrate out again?

  2. smear 'em in silicone!!!
  3. You probably need to apply some of locktight glue to the bar end collar bolts on the headstock.
    Plus get the right torque settings from your Suzuki workshop.

    It probably wasn't fully done on delivery.
  4. For the life of me I can't figure out what the bar ends coming loose have to do with the headstock PP :shock: :shock: :shock:
    Lotus -do the bar ends have the expanding rubber draw bolt system or do the bolt directly into threads in the bars?
  5. WTF are you on about ? Do you even know what he is talking about ?
    "Bar ends" are at the end of the handgrips. No where near the friggin head stock bolt.
    As Roarin said, there are two main types of bar ends , the expanding rubber or via direct thread. Most modern bikes have the rubber system, and an allen key should see them reseated and tight again in minutes.

    PP stick to posting about all the conspiracy's and how GW is killing us all.
  6. Make sure there isn't any oily film on the rubber bushes and do the bolts up tighter. Mine use to come loose.
  7. I've lost a couple over time too, I smeared the rubber douvers in silastic this time, no commie outtie now :grin:
  8. They are the expanding rubber deal. The design is not brilliant since you cannot "expand" them once they are inserted - its a screw and nut affair with the nut not 'captured'. Think I will clean them up and try a dob of rubber sealant/silicone. Thanks for the tip :wink:

    Seems odd that for 1000's of km I never saw them move, can only assume the change in riding habits (commuting) has me sitting at a speed which is inducing some harmonic resonance in the bars... or something...
  9. Go to a pushy shop and get some BMX one's. They usually have a wedge type securing set up, much better then the rubber shit from Suzuki. I actually retro fitted the wedge to the original bar end so it looks stock still.
  10. I lost many on my GSXR750 (2003 model), my hands are actually rather wide so I used to put a touch of pressure on them when riding.

    Hairspray on the rubber bit slows them down a bit, just a touch sticky. Suckers usually add some superglue, but this is not a good idea when one wishes to remove the rubber. You can also superglue the nut to the rubber which makes it captive and lets you tighten it to buggery, which squishes the rubber more and holds them in.

    Alternatively, do a bolt check on them every week. Get out the 5mm allen key and give them a tighten every week. I used to do a full bolt check on my GSXR750 every week, which is also when I used to lube the chain etc. Doesn't take long - I used to find a fair few fairing bolts that had worked themselves loose, and they're not the things you really want to be loctiting in place, at least not in my opinion.
  11. Hi folks,

    Loose ends no longer loose - dob of silicon on the end of the nut to help it stop from rotating with vibration and tightened as far as I could. Have to say they are not the best design from Suzuki. Will watch them a little more diligently from now on to see if they move again.