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Bar end weights...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Janosh, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. My bike doesn't have any :cry:

    Is it worth getting some - what difference will i notice??

  2. without barend weights the handbars tend to shake a bit, some bikes more serious then others.

    Also if ur bike fall over, the barend protect the handlebar.
  3. Take it from me, get the bar ends :grin:

    I dropped a (road) bike for the first time in over 10 years the other day, and only ended up with scratched bar end, bent bar end bolt, and a few scratches on the side plate. :eek:
  4. i didnt have bar ends when i first got my bike.

    since buying them, i have noticed nothing in terms of minimisation of vibrations, or improvements in handling.

    they only make your bike look nicer (well in my case anyway.. since i have a yellow bike and gold bar ends)
  5. hmm - not really interested in improving looks, so maybe i'll just do without? Vibration doesn't seem bad to me, and I regularly go out for 4 hour rides with no issues....
  6. My old Z didn't have bar weights, didn't notice it either.
    If you aren;t getting bad vibes in the handklebars, don't bother with them.

    Regards, Andrew.

  7. and thats where things go wrong my friend, a exposed ring of the handle bar can penetrate the skin in the event of an accident, i ended up with the handle bar of my old bmx nearly an inch in my abdomen i know its not a motorbike, but it wasnt anything involving high speed, i was doing fishtails in the gravel at the showground :LOL:

    get the bar ends some bling ones will only cost you $40 bucks even less for some
  8. Bar-end weights are not for bling, although fancy ones CAN have that effect (can't they, Tash??? :LOL:).

    They damp out high-frequency vibrations, especially those generated by high-revving multi-cylinder motors.

    If your bike didn't have them from new, then I can assume the manufacturer didn't think that they were necessary.
  9. pretty sure his bike is a second hand bandit 250
  10. would heavier ones make a difference....say to a SPADA...... right hand can get tingly after a long trip.
  11. That's not a problem in my case, cause the ends have plastic plugs sealed into them... So it sounds like it would mainly cosmetic
  12. Careful cause the colourful bling ones don't have that much weight in them. They're quite light. You need dedicated heavy weights to make a difference.

    Though if you don't get any vibes anyway then you don't need them.
  13. Depleted uranium is teh best bar weight material.

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. .. and it glows in the dark to boot!
  15. Does anybody have any idea how to get the little insert (that the bar end weight screws into) back inside the handlebar? I had to remove it to install a throttlemeister, now i have no idea how to change back to the stock bar end. The throttlemeister came with a little puller to remove the insert, but putting it back is a total mystery.
  16. Spray it with WD-40 and tap it in. Lubrication is the key....
  17. My wife is not keen on WD40

    My bike tends to buzz a little (the model not mine) so I have heavier weight bar ends which have rubber O rings either side to deaden the buzz.

  18. I suspect Honda does something similar, Davo. There is a cast metal plug that runs around 3 inches into the bar itself, and it has two rubber 'O'-rings around it, one at either end. The weight itself screws onto that plug via a pass-through screw. I guess this is how the vibrations are damped out....
  19. Their also made to rip your guts out, or scratch the shit outta cars. :LOL:

    Mate of mine made these at his work with matching rear spools.
    Razor sharp & just as heavy as factory-fitted bar-ends.

  20. :shock: I saw a bike at the Pie Shop the other day with those Boadecia spikes, he had two where stand pickuups would be, two where Oggy Knobs would be and about 8 of them surrounding his number plate :?: