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Bar End Mirrors SRV 250

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by DeeTee, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. Hi all,
    Got some trick Daytona bar end mirrors on the weekend and now need some advice.

    Having removed the bar end weights I find that the way of mounting them was by a permanent nut that appears to be welded into the handle bar. Hex bolt went throught the weight.
    The new mirrors have an expanding "Dynabolt" style fitting that needs to be inserted into a blank handlebar I think.
    Is is possible to drill this out so I can fit the new bars, has anyone had a crack a this in the past. Or should I go for new bars?

  2. I'd just go for new bars. You could easily burn several hours farting about and if you cost your time at a low $20 an hour, it's still a no brainer.

    Plus, if you keep the old bars, you can always return the bike to standard in a few minutes.
  3. Do what PatB says. :) He's right!


    Trevor G
  4. Can you remove the "dynabolt" style fitting from that mirror bar end and use the original bolt from your original bar end?
  5. if you decide to get new handlebars, try and get comfortable after-market/universal types. a friend of mine has an earlier SRV and wanted the renaissa type bars - the lowest quote was AU$340 plus 2 weeks from 'japan' (read: taiwan) ... not bad, considering all the 'factory' bars have that make them unique is a welded-on woodruff key for the twistgrip hahaa