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Bar end mirror vibration

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by dbrain, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. Hi!

    I recently purchased bar end mirrors for the Street Triple. I've finally angled them properly and can see to some extent without flapping my arms around, but I've noticed that after a certain speed they become pretty unusable due to vibrations.

    Is there any obvious way to dampen the vibrations?
    The mirrors have a metal circle (technical term) that sticks out from the bars, then you attach the mirror stem (also metal) around this circle. So it's bars -> metal bit screwed in sticking out a little -> mirrors over metal bit and tightened.

    Would rubber between the metal circle and the tightened mirror stem dampen this at all? Any other alternatives?

    The installation instructions are here if my super great explanation doesn't give you a mental image:

    Sorry if this has been asked before, I've seen some general vibration posts but usually about stock mirrors that are fixed differently.
  2. Nothing is going to stop that vibration.

    The bit you attached the mirror to i s a bar end weight. these weights are designed to dampen the vibration for the riders comfort.

    Mirrors are attached up on top of the bars closer to where they attach to the trees for this reason.

    The level of vibration varies from bike to bike and may differ depending where the bike is in it's RPM range.

    I personally don't like barend mirrors for this reason and a few others
    - They look gay (JMO)
    - you have to look down to see anything in them taking your eyes away from the road
    - why make you bike wider kinda defeats the purpose if you filter
  3. LOL just looked at the instructions - you actually remove the bar end weights to attach the mirrors - Thought the mirrors were attached to the bar end weights.
  4. 1. YOU WANT TO FIGHT BRO? Jokes, I'm not a huge fan of the look of them either, but if you look at my display pic / pics of the stock 2013+ street triple, they also aren't beautiful
    2. These are a lot more adjustable and allow me to see more of the road behind and around me without taking eyes away, part of the reason I switched
    3. The stock mirrors stick out further and are taller than the bar ends, these are probably better for filtering

    The little bit of metal removed in the instructions isn't a "weight" at all. Just styling that weighs 30g, if that.
  5. If it is only a very small weight it could be that the additional weight of the mirrors is the cause of the vibration i.e. only a small amount of vibration makes it to the end of the bar but the additional weight amplifies the vibration
  6. Hm ok. I mean these are "official" bar end mirrors for the bike branded by Triumph, so I thought they would have worked out all that stuff.
    Do you think rubber between metal bit and the mirror stem, or another material, would help at all? Or not worth trying?
  7. For an oem product its strange that it vibrates so much. Ive got the CRG arrow bar end mirrors and they work awesome, virtually no vibes except at high rpm, and at those rpms it dont matter whats behind me.
  8. It's probably just a speed thing I guess. At 100kmh it's dealable, somewhere between 100 and 120kmh it becomes a blur.
    It seems to be worse on the right hand side for some reason.
  9. why not add a weight to the outside of the adaptor?
    if heavy enough, it should effectively pin the end in terms of harmonics