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Bar End LEDs

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Hardhat, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. I am posting this for general information hope this is not duplicating and is of interest for those who are thinking of doing the same.

    After seeing LED lights on new and custom bikes I searched online and ended up at Jaycar buying new replacement bulbs for all indicators and lights. The result was mixed, firstly not all bulbs fitted in the indicator housing and after a little coxing the plastic hole by rat tail file had ended, LED lights were no where near as bright as with the original incandescent bulbs in the original indicator housing. I assume that the lens was designed for incandescent bulbs and so the nature of directional LEDS did not work as well in the fixtures.

    I also ended up discounted replacing the rear stalk indicator lights because of additional cost, poor quality of some LED types (never know until you buy and install them) but the main reason were that the original lights were so good and worked so well.

    When internet browsing I noticed LED lights that were housed in a CNC made bar end, for $170 they were not cheap but as they were, bright, high and functioned both forward and rear I decided to try them.

    After dismantling the bars and finding a welded lug for the original bar ends to screw too, I had to seek a machinist to lath the ends out and file the bar smooth. The next thing was to drop the fairings and wire a supply into the existing indicator circuit. After finding some vacuum hose pipe I ran the wire through this and into the bar end that was at the head stem for a neat look and tidy finish. End result? these LEDs really are good, they are a different type of light than the original so they stand out, they are elevated so again they are noticed, and they are directional with the handlebar so they shine where you are turning often at the right hight and direction of car drivers.

    The only problem I had with them is the hollow brass Allen key bolt that screws into then end of the bar to secure the friction fitting, these will snap in a flash if you lay the bike down, while they are good quality they won’t survive an introduction to asphalt. I sourced some S/S and drilled out the centre as a replacement (wont mention the big lug who broke one doing it up...)

    While I try and get noticed by fellow road users without being to gaudy so these for me fit the bill.

    Also have a mate who has installed the intermittent flashing brake light strobe on his bike (secondary as its on a disco called Goldwing) Does anyone know if these are legal on your primary brake light? I think they are damn effective as they strobe quickly and then slow until the light is constant.

    here are some pics of the finished install.

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  2. HID lights come in many configurations, h4 , h1 , e.t.c., and I do have a set of H4 hi / lo bulbs for the zzr. Hi beam is crap on them though from my experience.
  3. LED replacements for standard indicator, tail & brake light globes are not ADR compliant or work as well so stick to the incandesant glodes or change over the entire light fittting for an ADR compliant unit.

    As mentioned on several other threads previously it is not legal to retro fit HID lamps to existing non HID light fittings.