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bar end issue

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by kyan, May 21, 2008.

  1. The bar ends on my '02 sv650 keep coming loose and crooked and I couldn't tighten them properly. I took one off today and the rubber 'grommet' is all broken/perished. Am I able to buy just this rubber part without purchasing new bar ends?

  2. Go to Bunning Warehouse and bring a long the old rubber for measure the right size.
  3. I think you can pick after market bar end weights up for about $20. So why bother?
  4. This is the consumer mentality that now means instead of going in to buy one part I have to buy the whole kit. 80 cents for new rubbers against $20ish for new bar ends...hmmmm..why bother?
  5. I actually agree with you. It's just you are unlikely to get the rubber from the manufacturer and finding an exact match at Bunnings or Clark rubber is going to be next to impossible.

    You would do a lot of running around and clock up quite a few ks (=dollars) to get something that is probably going to be a compromise anyway.
  6. Id say buy a the new bar ends! they're like what $20 if memory serves me right?
  7. What a great and original idea! We should all be shot for not thinking of it. Now you thought you were lead into this thread to comment about bar ends and rubbers, but in fact.....SURPRISE!!!! You're being awarded the prize for poster most likely to be far too important to read the posts other people have posted before posting.

    Congratulations :p
  8. If you've got the time it can't hurt to have a poke around Bunnings to see if you can easily get something to fit. Personally i wouldn't bother too much buggerising around if something off the shelf doesn't work.

    Otherwise fit new handlebars to justify the new bar ends. :p
  9. MCA

    If you live in Sydney go to MCA as they have many different types of cool bar ends to fit all bikes starting around the $20 mark, if you don't live in syd go to there web site via MCA search in Google.

    Tip, you have a twin so go for the heaviest bar ends to help with the vibration.
  10. awesome.. i'll check out bunnings and if i have no luck with the rubber i'll just grab some new ones.

    thanks dave for the tip
  11. I bought a set of bar end weights to replace mine when they rattled themselves free, there was NO rubbers in the kit. Cost me $22 OEM to get 1 rubber :shock:
  12. Rubber

    Most kits from MCA come with a variety of different size rubbers.
  13. Try Clark rubber (is that what its called?) and then other hardware stores.
  14. Bunnings don't stock inserts for barends.


    Unless, of course, you want to use an expanding anchor plug like a loxin or dynabolt. That would certainly add some weight.

    All the best

    Trevor G
  15. Funny thing - not even Clark Rubber stock barend inserts for motorcycles.

    Instead of being so unreasonably harsh to a relatively new poster as you were above, actually verifying the quality of your own advice would be useful.

    Ever been to a clark rubber store?

    All the best

    Trevor G

    PS A gong to the first person to post a docket from a clark rubber store for 2 barend inserts! Don't even think about it... ;-)
  16. Where do I find barend expanders without ...

    Where do I find barend expanders without going into a motorcycle shop?

    What's wrong tonite - why are folks so scared of shopping in bike shops?

    The answer is, of course, the bicycle shop.

    Yup, some humble bicycle shops should have screw in (or held in by screw) barend plugs for bicycles.

    Well, they used to.

    Don't blame me if my memory is longer than the stock supply...

    All the best

    Trevor G ;-)

    PS And no, I am not suggesting you use the little dinky plastic plugs, but the insert part which is held inside the bar by an expanding nut.

    But only if you absolutely insist on not using the proper part from a motor bike shop. <Sigh...>
  17. Re: Where do I find barend expanders without ...

    Because they are often expensive.

    The inserts the OP is looking for are just hollow bits of rubber, which are stocked at places like Clark Rubber and Bunnings. I've bought similar bits from a commercial refrigeration place, they cost me less than a dollar.

    Sticking bits of rubber in a packet with some motorcycle-related logo doesn't give them any magic powers... but it does make them more expensive.
  18. Sometimes you morons make me laugh out loud. Only a thread on Netrider about barends rubbers could go so south so quickly. Far out. I am off to smash my face against a hammer. That's far less painful than reading this tripe...
  19. Its not about bar end rubbers - its about not buying a pre-assembled item so in the future individual items will be available to others. Yes, it sounds stupid, but companys like to pre-package crap in bulk (want 1 item? - sorry, you can only buy in packs of 6) or get you to pay for the entire light assembly when you only want a bulb etc etc.
    And we (the consumers) are the one begging for them to do this by being too damned lazy or stupid to demand what we want.