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Bar end help...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by boo81, Oct 31, 2009.

  1. Makes me feel like a bell end because it shouldn't be this hard...

    So I brought some new grips and bar ends for the gixxer and tried to put them on, but in the process of trying to removed the old ones I ended up stripping the head, so I thought I would drill a guide hole and use a screw extractor to get it out... low and be hold that fkn thing snapped off inside!!!

    Now what am I supposed to do? any help would be appreciated?

    Here's a pic of the damage...

    Also as you can see the throttle side is without and end on it. Do you think it's still ok to ride?
  2. dug yourself a hole havent you.

    did you read the easyout guide thats sticked?

    <quote> Often, just using a reverse drill will move the bolt out.</quote>
    <quote> wd-40 /RP-7 soak the bolt. it will make things easier </quote>

    im sure you can ride without the bar end. ive seen people ride without them. dont think it changes handling too much
  3. Only diff might be slightly more vibration through the bars.

    As for getting it out... trying to drill through busted easy-outs is really boring... how old is the bike? I'm guessing it's at least SRAD vintage because bar-ends are a whole lot easier these days. Can you drill out the brownish stuff around the bolt, or is that deliberate dampening in the bars? Sorry, can you tell I know squat about pre-K-series Gixxers? Get rid of enough of that and you should be able to yank the rest?