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Banshee 512cc 2banger in rs 250

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Steamfrog, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. I have the opportunity to get a new 512cc banshee motor from a mate in the states and was thinking of dropping it into a spotless rs250 03 model I have in the garage. I was going to get the kit from TTS in qld to mount the motor and sprocket etc.

    Being the same dimensions as the 350 and being in the rs 250 kinda hard to see anyway (dont ask no tell). Reckon this thing can get rego?. And any ideas on what the ride would be like.

    Can it be done and ridden on road?

  2. It should be possible to get it engineered and regoed but the likely cost and the hoops you would need to jump through would be significant.

    Lets see:-

    Increase of engine capacity of more than 100% puts you into engineering certificate territory straight away.

    Noise might be an issue so I can see some lengthy trial and error work in making pipes and mufflers that both work and don't make the examiner's ears bleed.

    Emissions aren't an issue with bikes (no they are not. Go and check the ADRs) so as long as it's a modern two stroke that doesn't smoke you should be OK here.

    If it scares the shit out of the examiner when he test rides it, he'll probably fail it on general principles.

    Expect the cost of the paperwork, particularly the engineer's report, to equal or exceed that of the rest of the bike.
  3. You will die
  4. Get it. But don't put it in the rs. Maybe get a second hand one and play with that instead.
  5. make it a tracker instead?
  6. but what a way to go
  7. Isn't the Banshee lump a first cousin of the RZ350 motor? In which case, the obvious recipient is an RZ :twisted:.
  8. I read somewhere recently that the rs fits the motor fine, the guys thinks they had a deal wit yamaha for the motors but it fell through and went with Suzuki.
    T think it was one of the guys from the two stroke shop. Seems like a cheap way to get some serious horses and with A programmable ignition to dial it back slightly.
  9. Crazy. A stock RS250 is what, 70hp? Sounds crazy fun.

    I would register it, then change the engine over. It's all hidden behind the fairings anyway, no-one will ever know.

    Well, they will, but they won't be able to catch you :)

    We will all die, eventually.
  10. Yes but this guy will die much quicker than most of the rest of us if he does this
  11. Buddy for what its worth, I would do it despite the nearly universal mortality rate for humans.

    Think of the women.
  12. I'm pretty sure you can buy a kit from the TSS to fit the Banshee motor into the RS frame. Don't know about legalities as far as road rego though. I'll have a squiz and get back to ya.

    EDIT Here ya go http://www.twostrokeshop.com/Aprilia_RS500_2008.htm
  13. Lots of people survive whacky two-strokes. Biking wouldn't have survived the 70s if they didn't.
  14. pretty sure we should still be worried about you, not this bloke.

    i say do it. build the thing.
  15. Oh absolutely, build it, it'll be a rocket. Hopefully the chassis will hold up against the power.
  16. The beige is strong in this one...................
  17. Haha, well, he did hit his head the other week. :)
  18. Is it finished yet?