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Banning petrol driven push bikes?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by CrazyCam, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. Hi folks.

    Dunno how true this is, but, according to our local Neighbourhood Watch letterbox drop, in NSW, as of 1 October, it has become illegal to ride a pushbike fitted with a petrol engine.

    According to the NW, a pushie with any kind of internal combustion engine, is now illegal.

    You can still, apparently, have an electrically powered pushie, with the 200 watt limit, but no petrol engined devices.

    To be honest, I thought that NSW had just a few more pressing and important problems to overcome, but....<shrug>

  2. There's always one in every crowd.....kill-joys that is....he/she is probably the same one that sits at his/her window every day and calls the council over every little minor indiscretion of the bylaws...:(:(
  3. I suspect that this may be more something to do with Federal regs. At one time, a "power assisted pedal cycle" was, IIRC, allowed a 200W power output but the power source was not specified. Recently, I've resumed my professional interest in traffic laws and I noticed only a few weeks ago that the national definitions of vehicle categories seem to specifically refer to electric power, suggesting that a petrol driven power assisted pedal cycle is no longer recognised as a legitimate vehicle category.

    Quite when the change took place I don't know, but I assume that this is a blunt instrument reaction to the increasing numbers of Chinese moped (and bigger) engines of well over 200W being imported, sold and fitted to mountain bikes, as well as the odd homebrew whipper-snipper conversion.

    Quite where it leaves the owners of legitimate 200W petrol bikes, bought in good faith over the last couple of decades, I'm not sure.

    It's particularly daft now that we're seeing increasing imports from China of things which fall within the definition of a PAPC but which are, to all intents and purposes, mopeds.
  4. All my mates that have lost their license have ended up on one of these. I wonder if this is anything to do with preserving the license loss penalty.
  5. These frequently Jerry-built devices (there's three or four of them in my neighborhood) ought to be banned: they are neither a motorcycle or a bike and I've never seen I've being ridden by anyone other than a yobbo who looks like he could be driving if he had a licence or hadn't lost it already.
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  6. from the gumbyment

    Pedelac = pedelec?

    it's a response to that kid that smacked himself into a car in Sydney earlier this year (last year?)
  7. Petrol-powered bikes are unsafe and put their riders and other road users at risk.
    In 2013, at least three people died riding a petrol-powered bicycle, including a 14-year-old boy in Western Sydney.

    If I remember correctly one of the deaths was murder when someone got mowed down near Ballina. but that may have been 2012.
  8. Phew, the petrol powered skateboards hitting 70kmh around my neighbourhood will be alright then.
  9. Drill out the main jet and run it on methanol.
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  10. #12 mendosi, Oct 15, 2014
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2014
    Isn't it the job of governments to jerk knees and stifle innovation?

    In Queensland you can use Segways (except in the many places where they are explicitly prohibited) but you must wear a helmet.

    Why would anyone bother to invent anything new when governments react like that?

    If I had a petrol bicycle that was unilaterally rendered worthless by the government I'd take it into town and chain it to the fence outside Parliament House.
  11. Fcuking politicians... What fcuking next?
  12. When you think about it, it's a pretty sneaky trick.

    How are the folk who use these petrol driven pushies supposed to know that the rules have been changed?

    I guess they'll find out when the cops pull them over.
  13. Is there such a thing?
  14. They are not a bicycle as such because they have a motor. Anything with over 0.2KW (200 watts) constitutes a motor vehicle in NSW. And to be registered for road use must comply with ADR's. As these things can't be registered, they cannot be used on our roads, therefore they are illegal. When they feel like it, the police will stop and charge operators. Commonly they are not wearing helmets, are unlicenced, un insured and un registered. These combined penalties can add up to over $1,000. We just need the police to do thier jobs and pick up everyone using one of these contraptions. I have seen these things wizz past the local police station and the police just ignore them. Same for passing the local cops on thier patrols, the police just don't bother doing anything about them. Then one day they chased a kid on one of these things, and he crashed into a telephone pole and died. Stupid bratt should not have been riding one of those things in the first place and second, should not have run from the cops. Darwin award nominee?
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  15. They're not common but I remember a couple running around in Perth 15 or so years back, and a few more on sale in various shops. They were quite tidy little units; nothing like the current Chinese jobs or the whipper-snipper lash ups. Whether any have actually been manufactured or sold recently, I've no idea.
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  16. All those bikes are not under the 200kw limit. Just police the laws that you already have.

  17. Errr, ...how...exactly?

    Dunno if they still do it, but years ago, the police in the Netherlands had a trailer they could tow behind a police car.

    It was a mobile dyno.

    They used it to catch folk that had souped up their "mopeds" which had a power output (legally) of 2.4 hp.

    When they had nothing more pressing to do, they'd go to a high school and test the kids' "mopeds".

    So how are our cops supposed to be able to pick 200watts from 350watts?
  18. If it's 25cc or above and petrol powered, it's output is more than the 200W limit (Not KW) so they are "illegal". Most Vacuum cleaners output is more thatn 1KW (1000 Watts).