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Bankwest - Anyone with them?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by gsxrjames, May 23, 2011.

  1. Hi All.

    I’m considering changing my banking (trans, savings, cc’s) over to bankwest as they seem to have to best accounts currently.

    The only thing I want to find out (and can’t get a straight answer on) is the quality of the online platform. Ease of use for bpay, transferring funds, setting up payments etc. I’ve been told by staff that I can’t see a live account for privacy reasons, and they don’t have a dummy or example (bit odd)… So are there any heavy online banking users that can give me an idea, or comparison to Westpac/nab systems:?:

  2. The platform is pretty similar to most online banking platforms I've used including westpac.

    It's all pretty straight forward, might be laid out a bit differently but you get used to it quickly.

  3. Bankwest is great plus they now have an iPhone app for banking on your phone. nice clean interface and easy to use.
  4. Bankwest customer for a few years now and am a big fan - the zero account is good value and you can use the atms of the big four banks with no charge (well they charge but then you get a credit).

    Online banking is fine and setting up regular payments etc is no different to other banks. Its no better or worse than CBA or ANZ which I also use.

    The zero account also gives you a M/C debit card which basically means you can pay anyone that accepts M/C from your savings/cheque account, so online purchases are easy.

    B/pay screen allows you to save all your Bpay numbers so no need to re enter them each time you pay your phone EG.

    There is also bank mail where you can make enquiries online about your account/s (including negotiating your mortgage rate) but best of all if you do need to call you actually get to speak to real person pretty quickly.

    Another big plus is that branches in shopping centres are open 7 days (and are open retail hours not bank hours) so if you need to deposit a chq or get a bank chq etc you don't need to take a half day off work.
  5. Thanks guys :D Think I'll be getting a hero account, zero platinum card and reg savers then.
  6. I do quite a bit of business with Bankwest (on behalf of my clients). I also have my home loan with them They are a reasonably good bank, they are very customer service/experience driven. Their internet banking platform is very simple and easy to use. I have never had an issue with it. Only real downside is the limited branch network, which these days for most people doesn't mean anything.

    If you decide to go with them you will be pleased.

    ANZ is also a good bank to look at if big 4 is your cup of tea.
  7. The are the Jetstar of the Commonwealth bank.

    "What's in a name? That which we call a turd by any other name would smell as foul"
  8. Very little of practical difference in common with cba at the moment, still very much do their own thing...
  9. The only advantage of big 4 relevant to my needs is ATM access, maybe a linked trading account. There a heap of commonwealth’s near me so it’s not an issue. I never go near a branch. I can get an anz employee account (I don’t work there though) with no fees, but it still doesn’t give you 5% interest on a trans acct. The only thing I was unsure of is online facilities.
    I’m almost tempted to wait till Westpac releases bank of Melbourne and see what that has going for it. Could be a long wait though.
  10. I think what you will find is that transaction account's are generally going to be about the same. The main consideration is the ATM network. Bankwest looks like a good choice.
  11. bank west?

    don't say that. jetstar sucks gonads!

    i've had an account with BW for a number of yrs.

    can't fault it. though, as mentioned, branches are sparse. not that i ever need to step foot in one anyway.