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Banks, Who are you with?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Paulstar, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. Commonwealth

  2. HSBC

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  3. Westpac

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  4. NAB

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  5. Citibank

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  6. Other

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  1. Hey guys,

    Time has come to switch banks! I am with commonwealth bank since primary school and got charged $30 last month in fees which i think is a bit steep. As a student i paid zero$ and zero cents so im suitably outraged :p

    I need an account to be paid into, to transfer money to an from an ING account, atm withdrawals, EFTPOS and transferring money to friends and family.

    I've so far found HSBC to be a good option, no fees etc 5 free withdrawals a month at any band ATM except for st george owned but i usually need more than that and i dont see HSBC atm's around or maybe because ive never looked so im not sure if i should go with them.

    Who are you with and what fees do you pay?
  2. I am with suncorp, because I am staff - no fees.

    Generally speaking most banks will have a $5 per month a/c with unlimited transactions.

    Since your with CBA currently

    Most banks will have a similar option.

    Wouldn't hurt to give CBA a call and talk to them, changing banks can be a pain in the arse.

    - Not giving financial advice
  3. i am looking to change to NAB, only because if you deposit more then 2500 in so many days you get your no acc fees, so thats suits me. :)
  4. also figure out what stuff you want to be able to do with your bank
    do you travel overseas - will your bank card work overseas
    do you use atms to get your money - fees associated with atms
    does the bank offer internet transactions (any fees with it?)
  5. I bank with Commbank.. and they actually rang me yesterday and reduced my fee's to $4 per month. THEY RANG ME!! i was shocked... but its worth giving them a call, for my new found $4 per month i get unlimited transactions.

    If i recall correctly, ANZ also had unlimited transactions for $5 a month on one of their accounts.
  6. I only got called by my bank when the money from the sale of my last home was deposited into my account.

    "Would you like to set up an appointment to talk about investment?"

    No calls since I transferred the lot to NAB. :twisted:
  7. Westpac for daily account. $3 unlim transactions
    Bankwest for my savings account. It was 8 or 9% interest rate last year but due to the damn rate cuts, savings accounts followed :( So people who 'are smart' (in my view :grin: ) and not get locked into debt of any kind are penalised from savings accounts having crap interest. Going to put lots into higher risk now as atm as it's crap interest vs last year.

    Time to look at 'active' investments now.
  8. Hmmm i might call them or go in and see what they can do for me.

    I was thinking HSBC as well because like undii said, interest is crap these days im looking to try trading currencies for a bit of profit :)
  9. Undii what active investments are you looking at? day trading?
  10. Look at the credit unions, most of them have Visa Debit so you have all the flexibility you need.
    Of corse now with banks charging for any ATM Transaction not of there own you have to pay some attention to which banks you will be able to use without incurring this transaction fee
    And I have a monthly fee cost of… $0
  11. Yeah, day trading. My old job was with a company that delt with ASX listed companies, so I have some interest in the ASX because of it. So I'll look into it in the coming week or so and see how I go, atm I'm still busy with some other stuff I've been preoccupied for a while.
  12. Police Credit Co.

    No FEES!!!!!

    Need to be invited in to join though :(

  13. Same, although thinking of changing the lot to Bankwest now
  14. Isn't Bankwest now owned by the Commonwealth?

    I am a Citibank customer. It was all good until the fcukers allowed direct fees to be charged by "other atms"

    I could use any atm in the whole of Australia for free and now I am forking out $2.00-$2.20 for each withdrawal.

    Now I hate them all.

    Being forced to bank electronically and then to be charged for the privilege. fcuk the lot of them :mad:
  15. Yeah they are now.

    Its crap how much it cost to draw money out. As my dad says 'its all business' lol
  16. Your dad is wrong :p

    Sure it's a business but..............we bank with them, i.e we put our money into their pockets so they can then invest it and make a profit.

    Bank fees for withdrawing money from an ATM is retarted.

    They are double dipping, end of story.

    $4.8 Billion dollars profit. That is what the Commonwealth bank made last year.

    I can't be bothered to dig deeper to see how much of that profit came from ripping off Joe Public
  17. And then they have the nerve to not pass on interest rate cuts in full.

    We used a Mortgage company to place our last home loan and they FCUKED it up badly. Avoid that link lending..(not their name, but not far off). They insisted we transfer from Westpac to a third party mortgage broker who was inflexible and from a personal point of view operated illegally, but that is being investigated through the legal channels. Needless to say, we lost our house last November and were kicked out into the streets.

    I hate banks of all sorts and then to hear they wont pass on interest rate cuts despite record profits.......
  18. All banks rip you off. It's just a matter of finding one that doesn't rob you as much as the others.
  19. C*nts the lot of em.
  20. For all my normal banking (pay and credit card ) i am with Australian Defence Credit Union, you dnt have to be in the Forces to be a member, and as i have been in for over 10yrs, i dnt pay ANY bank fees. But their branches are few and far between, and try to get a home loan from Bankwest ( a-holes) transferred to them for convenience!! Its almost impossible.

    used to be with the Communist Bank, but the ATM fees, air-consumption and breathing fees almost broke me.

    Theyr all ^&%#&)(__)_)(&%