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Bank recomendations

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by matressking, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. Commonwealth are absolutely shitting me to tears with inaction and terrible, terrible customer support regarding an ID theft case.

    I'm closing my account as soon as it has been resolved and am opening another elsewhere in the mean time.

    Does anyone have any recommendations?

    My needs:
    - Low fees for everyday banking
    - Good e-banking
    - Possibility of issuing a credit card to a non-permanent resident (long shot, I think CW are the only ones who do this)
    - Staff who aren't complete f*ckwits (may be a tough one)

  2. With the new atm direct charging, try to avoid banks with a low number of atms in your area.
    If you travel around a lot local banks will have issues with that to.

    Most bank fees are similar now adays, credit unions will normally offer lower fees, but you will have a low number of atms, they don't normally offer unlimited transaction per month., also with the few I have been with, I find the internet banking less then average.

    If you don't have an issue with getting an account over drawn then you will be looking at about $5 per month.
    The key is to bring everything across to 1 bank at once and see if they will waive the account keeping fees for 12 months because they get everything at once.

    Credit card one I am not sure about.

    With the internet banking, make sure you find out about any transfer restrictions at sign up. The bank I work for doesn't allow transfers to other banks until you order a seperate password that gets mailed out - so you wait up to 6 days.

    Staff - if you don't think what you have been told is right, call back and try not to be a prick to us, things don't get explained well then.

    *Not legal advice, do not base any choices on advise given. Yes I am covering my arse here.
  3. Thanks for that geeth. I looked at NAB as I left CW today and it looks fine. I guess there's not a huge difference between them all.

    And just so you know I've been polite to every staff member I've encountered. But I am sick of the way they continuously fob me off so that it's not their problem anymore.
  4. Some are pricks, some a good.
    It's the same everywhere really
  5. HSBC

    no bank charge. unlimited withdraw from westpac and hsbc atms

    if you get the online saving account, its decent interest with a standard saving account.
  6. Is the online banking much cop?
  7. You ride a motor bike. You cant have much cash left anyway. :LOL:

    I'm about to open a student account for the daughter with ANZ (dont bank there myself) the set up for kids and students looks good. :shock:
  8. I jumped ship from Commoncrap to westpac a few years ago, their internet banking is great, fees are $5 a month with unlimited trans, very friendly on the phone anytime I talk to them... Don't know about the credit card thing, but they have a Visa/MC savings card, it's a credit card but uses your money.

  9. Amen to that. Xmas bonus and stimulus payment will be the first spare cash in a while...which I'll prob end up spending on bike related stuff. Really want to do one of the HART dirt bike courses, an advanced riding course and a maintenance course!
  10. I've got a UK HSBC (well actually First Direct) account and the on line banking is fine. Unfortunately I believe there is only a single branch in Melbourne and none in Geelong. Didn't know about the fee-free Westpac withdrawals though

    Currently with Westpac and 100% happy. On-line banking is very good as is telephone banking. Staff are very friendly and helpful - possibly because the mortgage is with them too. They have made mistakes, but they have fixed them promptly each time. Also got a credit card even as a temporary resident
  11. After being severely pissed off by all of the banks - most majorly fcuked over by the nab - I have changed to a credit union - Credit Union Australia.

    I have never looked back. We have a car loan through them (soon to be gone :woot: ), our personal account and my business account. Great e-banking, people are very friendly on the phone, accessable, reasonable fees. We were well ahead on our car loan and it was easy to withdraw that extra amount to buy the NSR (needed to fax stuff through though) :grin:

    They have features like they can email or SMS you when a payment goes in or out (using parameters such as amount if needed), if overdrawn, if down to a certain amount etc. Your card is a Visa Debit card by default so you can use cc facilities with your own money, they display balance and avail balance in ebanking so you know what Visa charges have been made but haven;t been applied. Money also seems to get xferred quicker, without the usual multiple day waits...but maybe they have all improved.

    I won't stress myself by stating how this compares to the money grabbing, bad service fvcktards at the major banks.

    Aahhhh it's so refreshing to talk about a financial institution and not feel nauseous with frustration! I swear I don't work for them :LOL:

    Edit: since the introduction of extra atm fees I realise it's hard to find an atm that won't attract a fee. They do exist, but we'll have to get used to working around that issue.
  12. unfortunately commbank is one of the best out there. been using it for 8 years :grin:
  13. I've been in a Credit Union for the last 20 years. Morbo28 has already covered most of the advantages of them but I recently got a letter from them about atms and Direct Charging.

    I can now use my Visa card at any RediATM free of charge. :grin:

    Isn't that nice. :)
  14. IMHO Credit Union is the only way to go. I'm with Police Credit Union - NO banking fees
  15. I'm with the Commonwealth and don't really have anything bad to say about them. Being a student I don't incur bank fees, and their online banking is pretty good, if sometimes a little slow. I think the biggest plus is they have the largest amount of ATM's.
  16. I switched from St George/Bank SA and Westpac to BankWest.

    Been great
  17. Been with a local (SE QLD) building society for yonks. More or less centers on the mortgage. Fees etc aren't the concern when a %0.01 percent interest rate difference cancels them out :p Anyway, they have excellent online banking, staff that give a hoot and I get unlimited transactions by using my debit card (the merchant pays).

    So don't rule unions/societies out as an option simply because of limited ATM availability.
  18. +1 for hating Commonwealth (isn't the name just insulting? Common to who? I'm not getting any of it!)

    Major bugbear is the lack of a running total for the credit card on Netbank, and the delays in transactions showing up in both accounts - the balance will be current, but you are left wondering where the money has gone until it updates on Monday morning (apparently computers need weekends and public holidays off as well.)

    Have been considering switching, but have had this account since I was about 4yo, I know the numbers off the top of my head, my pay and a heap of bills come out of it automatically... too hard basket for now.
  19. Keep your money under the mattress....

    None of them can be trusted, today's thieves wear suits, not masks.