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Bangs head against the wall, I cant get it up.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by XG, Mar 6, 2005.

  1. As bad as it sounds..... yep it sounds bad.....

    Im sad to admit it.... ive never had my gsxr up on one wheel..... its been driving me nuts.... i want to do it... learn... get it airbourne..

    Everytime i try er dumping the clutch all i seem to do is gain speed but not lift...

    Last time I had a bike up on one wheel was when i had my old gpx... and even then that was by accident :p :) going back 7 years....

    Maybe ive gone abit limp :p and need to get ball'ize again... lol just cant get it up, just cant get it up.... gawd damit.... its stuck in my head...

    Might have to get one you 1000cc lads on the next ride kick my ass.


  2. You're not alone, I haven't had my Spada up on one wheel yet.
    Mind you, I've only been riding it since Thursday.
  3. My gf is a pharmacist...she said you need viagra...lol...or cialis...if you want the cheaper version of it.
  4. what a shame... And a great mono bike aswell!
    Try this...travel in first to about 6000rpm, then very quickly let the gas off and then slam it on again. the trick is to let the 'bounce' of the throttle change to help you up. Just dint forget to keep your foot over the rear brake in case to start to flip over :)
  5. Thanks sbk.... ill give it a squirt over the next couple of days.... im a big lad i thought it be easy ... with the weight life :p missus is house sitting so ... i should be safe with out her yelling at me :p
  6. 600's arent great to learn on as you have to really give em a big hit to get it up which usually sees it comming up very fast which in turn is hard to control.
  7. if you want to ride on one wheel get a unicycle. :LOL:

    seriously, when I was learning wheelies the only way I made progress was on an old dirt bike which I didn't care if i stacked. haven't been game enought to do it on the road. I might drop my baby! what a wuss :cry:
  8. Matt,dont bother with 1st gear monos. Get it into second,about 6-7,000 rpms,dump the clutch as you put it while giving it a big handful of throttle,should come up sweet as pie. 8) My mate on his R6 gets it up in 2nd no probs. :p If it doesnt come up(id be surprised) get the revs up more b4 dumpin the clutch or give it more gas when dumping the clutch,you'll learn soon enough how much of what you have to give.
    Another trick is to go down a tooth on the front sprocket,that'll turn her into a wheelie machine! :p 8) Good luck with em mate and let us know how you go. :p 8)
  9. Im one determined SOB, think ill be practicing now each day till i get it right... :p :D


  10. Thats what it takes bud,practice,you'll get to know what your bike needs to hoist her up. 8) Just keep that sprocket change in mind next time you need a set,will make your bike accelerate harder and mono easier,cant go wrong. :p 8) You can always just get a 1000! :p My K2 comes up in 1st with a twist of the throttle and it clutches up in 2nd piece of piss at 5000rpm! Bloody hell,it even hoists the front right up comin out of a corner in 3rd at 180ks! :p Yaaaayy,i love my big bores! :p 8) :LOL: