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Bangr - does final Moto GP and WSBK for 08

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Bangr, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. Hi all

    Well it has begun , the trip for the final rounds of Moto GP and WSBK for 08 , I left Melbourne last night , had a few good friends come and say good by , that was nice .

    Melb to Singapore , just over 7 hours I think , not to bad a flight , but hen it is just one of those things you have to do , Like that time you woke up next to a Donkey , it was fun when you thought about it , but doing it was painful and not that comfy , but still something you had to do – (Hi eeeih ooorrr ) .

    4 hours stop over at Singapore, what else do you do but shop , dam I hate time in airports . Then the big one , 13.5 hours , Sing to London , not looking forward to that .

    Get on the plane , and to my surprise , only 2/3 full , for the first time , I got a hole 3 seats to my self , set up camp , have the laptop , feet up on the seats , and just relax . . This could be the best flight I have had in a long time.

    Dublin , great to see Lucy , but I have come to a decision , it is a cold , raining , sad ass shit hole , the minute I got off the plane it started raining and has not really stopped , I was told that if the sun comes out , to run outside and pray to it , it never really happens so when it does grab it .

    I have done stuff all really , made a few calls to see what is going on after WSBK , not much at all , Getting ready for Spain , hoping it will be a little warmer over there , Bring on the bike racing , Hoping (still waiting on a email) re getting in wed to help do some set up’s . I am also hoping to get in on the Monday after the GP to see the start of 2009 testing .

    Next email I hope will be full of info and fun , not even a photo taken at this stage .

    Chat to you all soon.
  2. I've gotta admit - i'm not jealous much at all.... :p As an ex uk person, i know how much the moments when the grey sky opens to reveal blue skies and a sight of the sun, make you feel optimistic again - but they dont happen very often or last long enough...

    Cant wait to hear about your adventures, knowing you - i'm sure you'll manage to get into every session possible and work your magic... so i'll be keeping my fingers crossed for ya...

    Take care - and keep us updated...
  3. About to go to the airport to catch the plane to the UK, a 24hr visit to my folks before going to Valencia for Thursday evening.

    A few days there, watching Motogp riders and 150,000 Spanish fans go crazy and then another few days with the folks before returning to Oz.

    Should be fun... :)
  4. Have a blast Cejay!

    And you too Bangr!

    Baaaaastards! :) ...we'll look for you in the crowd shots.
  5. two guys on a trip to the race track... we want photos :grin:

    enjoy, stay safe and HAVE FUN!

    ciao ciao or should I say OLA!

    ps: the AUD is bound to do well in week 8-[
  6. i hate airports

    in the bar...too many hours i've spent in airports to enjoy the hanging around. enjoying a pot of blonde, new book in hand. now for 24hrs sittings down..

    you'll recognise us easy... :cool:
  7. Have fun guys. :) Bren the Island misses you already. Casey's having her 18th at Pinos next Wed night - it wont be the same place without you there! Have a blast. :)
  8. Hi all , Again

    Part 2 , sitting in the airport in Dublin , tue am , well as you would have guessed , the f&&^^%king sun is out , I ran out and got on my knees and started praying to the weather gods (VTR would be proud) I even looked for the Virgin white goat to kill for the gods , but a Virgin , or come to think of it a white anything in this wet cold shit hole is like finding a Net rider who has not had a post deleted or put in holding for not putting in the correct triplicate paper work for there post , yes they do not exist
    This year when I was in Jerz , and my little drive hassles , not that doing 300 odd KLM’s for no reason , in the wrong direction was not fun , but not a thing I would like to do again if given the choice , so trusty GPS has been loaded with the Spanish maps , Lets hope it all works or I will end up in some little town looking like a fck wit again , me and the bloody goats.

    So off to Spain , Great trip , sat next to a couple who were heading over for the GP as well . nice to chat to a few fellow bikers , he had a SP1 and a new Blade , she rode a VFR 400 . Off at Valencia , a fantastic 23 deg , lovely , just what I needed . Hire car and Gps set , off we go .

    Only gone 5 klm’s and we have had a little trip on the wrong side of a round about , must get this right in my head of it could scare the shit out of CJ when he gets here on thur . of to the track , to see if they are starting to roll in , sure enough , more motor homes and goose neck trailers than you would see in a month of Sundays in OZ , not to mention the 40 odd semi’s that are lined up to get in the gate , what a site , and it is only tue . OK a run to the hotel , to get the run down pat and have no little extra trips , Gps say’s 25 minutes , the first time it was about that , 30 min in fact . settle in the room and off to get supplies , know the fun begins , first to find a shop and work out what the hell is what . how do you tell the dif from shampoo to Conditioner in Spanish , I sure as hell can not , so get both . trying to get a new sim card for the spare ph and they speak no , I mean no English , add to that I know no Spanish and well , 45 minutes later I have a sim card and a new number , 20 minutes ago I nearly had a new phone and a new number , but we sorted that out .
    A night run back out to the track to try and catch up with some people I met in Aus , 15 minutes , with a average speed of 137 klm’s , only in Spain while sitting on 160 do you have a transit van pull up beside you and then disappear in the distance , I love the way they drive , they just make it work , never a hold up and never a car in your way .
    Tmrw I am off to the track to see if I can work my way in , Fingers crossed some of the contact´s from the Aust round come up with the goods .
    Photos tmrw I promise.
  9. First day of GP spain ,
    Did not think I would get in today , I got a message from Jaume (Team Coordinator from Repsol KTM) and he has a thur and fri pass for me , so was ready to head into town , I gave Sara from Alice Team Ducati a call and to my surprise she was able to get me in . I was in town (Valencia ) attempting to do some site seeing – shopping when she did call me back , So feel a little better in that I did see some sites , well I drove past a few I am sure , as I worked my way down some little back street.

    Little tip for anyone that may come this way , as good as the GPS is , and don’t get me wrong , I would not of even made into town , let alone out of the airport with out it . but it does not realize that some streets (as pretty as they are , blue stone and winding in and out of the shops , old ladies walking along with there walking stick’s , café seat’s on the street – Lovely) . Or if you were me today , in the rain , in a car , on the wrong side of car (still going to get in the wrong side , great if I was courting a girl , she would think I am a real gentleman opening the door for her) on the wrong side of the road . f&%$ing stones , rain and rubber makes car not so good at handling , this then brings and new outlook at the things going on around you , the old lady’s , who belt the car with there walking stick if you get to close , the café seats become a magnet for the front of the car , as do the steel poles they put in the worst places. Then out of the blue you get a scooter or even a car coming towards you (normally at breakneck speed) on a street that my little Toyota just fits , so you start looking for that gap in between the old lady , her stick (fcuk another dent on the ¼ panel) and the steel pole , so yes I did do some site seeing (I think) , 1 hour to get out of town , when it only took me 20 minutes to get in there , CJ can get a f%$•ing bus in I think . Oh and if I did see something I wanted to see , there was like 0 chance of parking , unless like the locals I parked on the inside , or outside of the corner , ½ in and ½ out , kind of still on the road , so no shopping was done.

    So back to the track we go , Parking tdy was no hassle , in true bangr form I talked my way into P1 parking , in with the motor homes and prime movers (some times it helps not to be able to speak Spanish) , Called Sara and got my pass , rain had started out at the track as well , still nice and warm , but not sticky , shorts and t-shirt , and the crazy shoes were the order for the day . Most of the teams were well into set up , some even had bikes in garages and working on them , pit lane (see photos ) looked like a rock and roll load in gone wrong , there were more road cases than I could pock a stick at , It was , no shit , road cases from start of pit lane to the end , never seem anything like it . and as for truck and gear , f&%$k , man they bring some shit with them , even I could not cart that much stuff around with me . a walk down pit lane , or more of a weave in and out of cases , a few bikes set up , the most together and in show mode would be Ducati , all a show I am sure , but both riders had both there bikes in , on work bench’s and covered up , leathers hanging on the walls and nearly ready to go ( that is the impression given anyway) . A few of the 125-250 teams were not that far behind them , but the most were still building the box .

    I talked to one of Caseys crew, he was saying it looked like the weather may be like this all weekend , they are working on a wet weekend at this stage , he was saying it does not change that much in how you approach it , but it does if the weather changes ½ way into the weekend and goes from rain to a dry track .

    Out the back it was all go , more trucks , scooters and people than at a xmas dinner at the south pole , I was here earlier this year with the WSBK and thought they had some good setups , Not to be out done the GP paddock is , well out of this world , the amount of people and equipment that go into the back of house at a GP is nuts , for those who are lucky enough to get out the back at the Aust Gp and see there site boxes ect that they use , you would be sat on your ass , they build 2 story building and erect nearly a hole town , from café , to seating , corporate hospitality , rooms for the riders , even a room for the room makers I think . Seriously , it is like a hole city .

    A little hard to get a good idea of it today , as so much was still being built , tmrw will paint another picture I am sure . the rain go a little heavier , so time to hand over the pass and head back to the hotel.

    On the way I thought I would stop off and get some supplies (f/&%k here we go again – what I thought was soap was not , it was packed like soap , it felt like soap , but it was not let me tell you , hoping the rash goes before CJ gets here ) , joking , well maybe , hmmm .

    So on my way to the shopping centre something caught my eye on the side of the road , were they goats , next round about I pull the little Toyota around , using the hand brake of course (new rules for hire cars . not allowed to to change gear from first or second until the rev limiter cuts in , no exceptions to the rule and the hand bake is not for parking – unless you want to swing it in backwards , it is at all times to be used as a turning aid and must be used at least once every time the car is started , hmm must get CJ to keep all the weight up the front , will set a new rule for reverse donuts once I have got the skid marks out of CJs seat ïŠ . ) so were was I , oh yes the goats , on the side of the road , no freeway is a gaggle of goats a dog and a old man and his goating stick (kept clear of that , it would pull a bonnet of the car at 100 paces) . WTF , the dog has it all worked out , keep the goats off the road and the old man just leant against a sign , all this , I would say only 10 minutes from Valencia proper , in a built up area . f&%$k knows were he can from.

    Back to the room , a shower , a chat with the hotel manager , talked some shop , (conference , event stuff ) and ordered a pizza , a strange hotel , in the middle of no industrial park , nice venue , but strange location , from what the manager was saying they do this a lot in Spain , just put it were they can , people are happy as long as it is a good hotel (which it is) . Pizza is no were as good as a Pinos one (dam I miss my scotch and coke and my house special), and even more , a good latte ) .

    Tmrw a full day at the track , and picking CJ up at 20.00 ( LOz I have a round about picked out mate , will make him scream like a pig , lol ) hoping to get some good photos and sort out some more pass’s , I have been working hard on some access for Monday testing , hoping that will come off , I know the 4 Ducati bikes are testing and I am sure a few others will as well . fingers crossed on the Monday pass , it would in a way be better than a sat-sun one .

    Link below for the photo bucket , enjoy .

  10. I'm sitting in Stanstead airport waiting for the flight to Valencia. Just had a call from Bangr and the weekend is looking good.

    He's promised to show me the sights this evening. I just asked, did he want my teeth in or out :eek:

    Weather in the UK reminds me why I left. Miserable. It tempted me with one pleasant afternoon, but I was jet lagged and not really paying attention. Woke up to grey skys. The poor buggers here have this for the next 5 months. Suckers!!!!!

    Anyway, after travelling premium economy with Qantas (worth every extra cent), I'm now going to sample Ryan Air and their service.....
  11. Hi all

    So day 2 at the GP , got my paddock pass at around , 13.00 , Things were really alive when I got in there , people , bikes , scooters , yer this is more like it . Things are looking good .

    A stroll through the trucks , the motor homes ect , lots of people , every one really busy doing there thing , still buildings being built . just a hive of , well stuff . Moto GP stuff .

    A walk down pit lane was the next in line , a few garages open for the viewing , not many , as time went on in the day , more and more of them stuck there nose out , up with the door , out with the bike , start up , run and back in , door closed . The only two teams with the doors up all day were Ducati and Yamaha (factory teams ) , and Gresini was open for the Arvo .

    Repsol - Ktm are great , invited to come in the garage , chatting , very welcoming , I hope they are back next year so I can return the favour’s in some way in Aus . Monday testing is looking good , I have a few options , Gresini Honda (Andrea ) and Alice Ducati (Sara) are saying they can get me in , for both mon and tue , and Jaume from KTM has said I can keep the pass and that should get me in , Cj will have to have my children if this comes of , well at least try to have them.

    Sorry back to pit lane , I could not believe the difference in the bikes , with there seats , fairings of , some , like the Suzuki have like a single sided tail piece , no guts in it , assuming the fuel tank has to go in there some were , the Ducati , more one piece and really short , with just that pipe sticking out the rear . same as the Honda . lots of carbon and alloy .

    Have to cut this one short , will tell you more tmrw , I have to shot and grab CJ from the airport , more photos in my photobucket site , so enjoy , some really good photos from pit lane tdy.

  12. In Dublin's defence, I would just like to say that before Bangr arrived and after he left we had gloriously sunny days and it was fab. I blame Bangr!
  13. Wow!
    What an amazing 3 days. Bangr is amazing, scoring not only paddock passes for all 3 days but also bamboozling some poor car park attendant into allowing us to park outside the front gates! After spending today with 119,788 other crazy people, PI in october won't be the same. If you get a chance, however small to do Motogp in Spain, grab it, you will not be disappointed. This has to be one of the most amazing experiences I have had. Full details and photos when I get back.
  14. Thanks Cj , I try my hardest to supply were I can ,you have not been told the payment required for all this yet , so dont talk me up to much .

    CJ is right , my second one for the year in spain , are they are both amazing , Like Cj more to come , there is photos up in my bucket (see below) for the last 2 days , when I get some time (3 hrs sleep last night) I will put more pen to paper as they say . Of to testing tmrw , they are testing for the next two days , then of to the wsbk for me , and CJ home I think.
  15. Well I just got the strangest phone call from Bren... :? :LOL: I could hear him talking but everything was drowned out by the very awesome sound of racing motorbikes. Not sure if the call was intentional or whether he accidentally pressed my number, but thanks a mill. Bren - best sound ever.

    ps...wonder what the cost of a mob to mob call from Spain to Australia is. :LOL:
  16. Ok , Time to get some stuff down on paper today , I was not successful with getting into testing today , I di get in late in the day , but no access to the pits , I have been on the ph today and tmrw is looking better , I have been told no prob , will not hold my breath , when I did get into the venue today , it was for only ten minutes , so a few photos and then out .

    Photos are in my photo bucket , a new link below for those reading this via email . Sat and Sunday at the gp well yes as CJ said , I did manage to get the car within 100m of the main gate each day , I think I am going to use up all my good luck one day , I was thinking I would come out and the car would be towed , but no , thank god .
    I was very lucky to keep the paddock pass’s for the weekend , I hope some of the phots do the paddock justice , Every thing is bigger over here , the crowds , the hype , the paddock , all of it . I think the biggest difference for me is the amount of people that get access to the paddock , you can buy a pass , strange , the riders have to work hard at times just to get around (in there own work place) , I am aware they are used to it , but compared to OZ , were they may have , max 30 to 40 people waiting for them out side there garage door , if you are riding a bike with a 46 on it , bet your ass there will be 150 , more waiting for you , and as you ride of on your scooter to get back to your motor home , don’t be surprised (as i saw happening ) if you get some young girl jump on your lap , while moving to get close to you . She seemed so please with her self , as did what I think was her Dad , these people really do not know the meaning of personal space , or respecting that this is there job and the paddock is there work place . strange I think .

    The crowds love the racers , I was surprised a little that the Locals were more vocal , and I mean Vocal for Val , than they were for there Home town boy (Dani) , the crowd is so full off yellow , (hats , shirts ect) , they love him , and as they would come out for there first lap ,you could not hear your self think , They would go off , shows how popular he is , when you get 120,000 people at a home GP and they love the Doctor more than they love there Dani .

    Getting around , getting in and out of the track , was so easy , they do it so well , from the round about that have a road that runs straight through the centre to speed up the exit ,m to the police crowd control and traffic control , man if that was PI it would take them ½ a day to get that many people out . people give way , they let you in , no agro , just easy .

    The race , well what can you say , it was a race , could really of been on any track any ware , you go to these races for the people , the crowd , the paddock , it is the size of the show that makes it worth coming .

    I think maybe CJ is was a little worried sun morning , I had only been in bed a few hours when he got me up to drive to the track , he kept pointing things out to me (like the fact everyone was braking and I was still doing 120klm ) I was not a well boy , I even had to have a few more hours sleep at the track in the car to get myself right . I managed to keep my hire car policy up , I was on the rev limiter and used the hand brake as a turning devise , every trip I think , some were a little blurred .

    Off to Portugal on wed am , wsbk and the real reason for my trip , another weekend working with GMT 94 , A new track , a new trip , flying only part of this one , I have a train ride (6 hrs) to get to the track , this should be fun. I will post some more before I leave , hoping I have some gp testing news and better photos.

    Please let me know if the photo link works .

  17. This was the best motor sport event I have ever been too, due in no small part to the efforts of Bangr. He simply is amazing at getting into and out of everywhere. The poor little Toyota was also feeling the stress of the few days and I am sure we picked up new rattles and flat spots every day!

    To how the Spanish do things. Frickin awesome!

    Crowd: 119,788 was the official attendance. I saw not one person drunk, no fights, no antagonism, no concerned people, just 119,788 people who were there to have a great time. Coming from an Anglo Saxon background where it's impossible to have a good time unless you're wrecked, it was amazing.

    Fun: The fun police were not in attendance. Beach balls were floating around, the crowd were being egged on to do the Mexican wave by the commentators and the marshalls were joining in. At the end of the race, the local man who does the fireworks is adored by the crowd and the more noise we can make the better. No noise, no fireworks!

    Ah, noise. Air horns. Of all different types, colours and styles were for SALE in the stalls. No worries about how much of a racket you made.

    Mix: In front of me were Italians, to the right were French, below were some English, behind the same mix. Simply everyone was there and everyone was having a ball. When the Italian anthem was played at the end of the 125 and 250's, everyone was singing. And I mean everyone. It sends shivers down me spine just thinking about it. At the end of the Australian anthem (apparently it's called Waltzing Matilda) everyone roared.

    Rossi: If anyone thinks that the sport can do without this man they are deluding themselves. When Rossi rode past, the crowd cheered. When Pedrosa went past there was mute applause, when any other bike went past, there was very little. The man is simply an icon and I fear for the day when he leaves. Some might say that the riders are paid to race and win, but I think those people are missing that at this level it's a show. And he is the consumate showman. Him and Edwards really played to the crowd, as did Lorenzo. Awesome.

    The colours, sights and sounds will NEVER leave me. This was simply the best event I have ever been to. Waxing lyrical I might be, but anything I say is understating how good it was.

    The 125's and 250's were the best racing. We went mad anytime anything happened and despite not knowing what the commentators were saying, you still joined in. Everyone did.

    The commentators were brilliant. The crowd was worked to a frenzy by them and in between races the music was pumping out of the speakers. Yep, not only were the speakers loud, they were legible. PI, take note. Muffled nonsense, crab commentary and endless repeats of the same music wears thin after a while. The only thing PI does really well is the giant screens. The only people who had one of these were the people in the cheap (plastic outside chairs!) seats on the hill behind the grandstand. We just made do with watching the race.

    Circuit: You can see about 80% of the circuit from the grandstands. It's set in a natural bowl and you can really see the undulations from the seats. The only downside is that there is little scope for overtaking and that was obvious in the 800cc race.

    Stalls were great. I now own a Gresini top, genuine and looks to be well made. You could buy any team and circuit merchanise you liked, all reasonably (though not cheap) priced. The only downside was the food which was very average.

    What more can I say? Nothing except to thank once again Bangr for the inspiration to go in the first place and the efforts he went to to organise both the paddock access and the hotel accomodation. The driving I'm not so sure about (!), though it could have been worse (if we'd crashed or gone to jail).
  18. Well I just received a call from the man Himself from the internet-less boondocks of Portugal.

    He promises updates of Troy Bayliss sightings and signings, Superbike Paddock camping with the GMT 94 Team, waking to the dulcet tones of Superbikes being warmed up and Trainee Air Hostess 'education'. The man is an utter ar$e and the only way to wipe the grin off his face will be to punch him to death...

    That is all I can stomach reporting for you all as I head off to my 17 th day in a row of work.
  19. Some piks...


    Practice Starts

    It was stormy

    The hair!

    A Crowd

    More to come, but gallery here
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