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Bangr and the duke head to the island

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Bangr, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. well it is time

    the Duke is about to have the ass torn out of it (well maybe just a little spanking) , I am off to the Island on monday for my first offcial Ducato owners club outing (will be bannned for life after monday) . :demon:

    THey have a ride day at the island, The duke has a full change of skin on her (race glass) , even a second hand tank and change of wheels , new set of Dunlop qualifiers . (at least I will look like I know what I am doing). :biker:

    I have gone over vtr's run down of the track , and considering his last outing there my have to re look at that. :-w

    I am sure that we will get a complete ass wiping , but I am sure as hell me and Brother G will have a ball. :bannanabutt:

    I Have no excuse now , new leathers , race bread bike , race glass , tyre warmers , one nut and no fcuking idea . :LOL:

    Will try and hold up the Netrider flag and put on a good show , that we can be sure of , it will be the riding that will let me down.
  2. Will you and brother G be wearing the famous netrider TuTu's :rofl:

    I hope you and G have a blast of a time, I look forward to the pics and write up when you both return home. :grin:
  3. Sounds like your in for one hell of a day mate.....have a blast and take heaps of pics!
  4. will do , looking foward to it .

    Need to get VTR to do a little dance to the weather gods for me.
  5. Now that you mention it, I should let y'all know in advance, they usually {depending on demand} hold a pillion {biatch's (in NR parlance)} session.
  6. pick me..pick me :p
    I'll go biatch for a day :grin:
  7. Just make sure you aint got no sidestand danglin in the wind there Brendon.
  9. hahahaha. too funny brendan.. good work man.

    and have fun down the island fella's.. if you want a grid girl bren.. let me know.. i look fcukin awesome in lycra!! hahahahaha.
  10. Do you have full leathers?
  11. Bren, Husband has already had his nose rubbed in non-enrolment for this day once tonight already! When a phone call questioned "why his name was not down". He is as jealous as hell and wishes he could be there too (a lot). You have fun and G I look forward to hearing all about it when we catch up in sunny Queensland.
  12. Yes indeedy... I'll see you Out There, 748girl.
  13. Have an awesome day Brendon :grin:

    I can certainly understand how addictive that track is once one has ridden on it :wink:
  14. Thanks all , I am looking foward to the day , has been a while since I had a day down there. Can see lots more to come this summer.
  15. I have the suppliers of all things Ducati awaiting you return Bangr, I hope your credit card can handle it.

  16. Slightly off topic Bren, if you are interested i have a Phillip Island/Superbike School RIDE day i want to sell. I won this when i did my last SBS day and want to put the $$ towards another SBS day. It is fully transferable so no issues there. Let me know if you are interested before i put it up for sale on forums. Oh be safe and have fun down at the Island.
  17. Good Luck and give em hell....

    If in doubt just refer to the second line in my signature.


  18. I will be good at something , just not sure what yet .
  19. Sounds interesting...
  20. Bren, now you live at Netrider Racing HQ, I expect nothing more than for you to smoke all those Duke's!

    We'd better conduct roadracing 101 in the lounge room starting tonight :wink:

    Have fun ya mothers, wish I was ready for the track :cry: