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Bangkok Dangerous-K1200R product placements

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by loki, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. if you're looking to catch a flick, check out the new Nic Cage movie Bangkok Dangerous.

    if only because the main character has a garage full of K1200Rs, in varying colours. if you've ever been curious about the concept of a BMW owner using his bike to zip through traffic and uzi people, this movie will tick boxes. personally, i was blown away enough at the site of a BMW owner REDLINING A GEAR. gasp!

  2. Hey you cheeky bandit!! my little red bike redlines pretty well thanks. :p

    ( were all not old coots you know :wink: )
  3. One day when your bike grows up, you'll learn the difference between taking an engine to the redline because you want to - and taking it to the redline because you have to... :p
  4. oh snap

  5. the little provocateur has been revealed! :grin:
    now i'll escape into a conveniently-created hazey mist of 2smoke

    haven't fully seen the movie yet (good, so far. but not great), but now that cage is doing more behind the scenes with his newer movies, they've been decent (he produced Lord of War).

    next time, Gadget
  6. Excellent choice of bike too ;)

    I think there is something wrong with mine, it redlines quite often ;)
  7. There's no point redlining a BMW boxer, all you get is lots more noise and vibrations.

    Regards, Andrew