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Bangers and Bargains....Venue? Ideas?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FormerUser1, Jul 28, 2005.

  1. How about a NetRider WinterBBQ+ Trash/ Treasure-combo at a place like Jells Park? (Fern Tree Gully Rd entrance).

    Jells Park is easy to find and only 5 mins from the Monash Fwy (on a weekend, anyway)

    Just checked with Parks Victoria, no bookings needed for groups up to 50. First come/ first served.
    Portable gas bbqs are allowed. (But I'll check on their older wood-fired ones if this takes off).
    There's an amenities block and some shelters/ a couple of playgrounds for the critters.
    Plenty of space everywhere to kick a footy and plenty of parking space.
    BYO tucker/ drinks/ camping chairs/ whatever.

    A blanket on the ground or a rusty old laundry door over 2 sawhorses for those who've got stuff for sale....and whoever is after some stuff can actually touch/ feel/ try it on.
    Even pop your unregistered "For Sale" bike on a trailer and bring it along.

    Any interest in that?
    Either a Sat or Sun from about 11 onwards to...about mid-afternoon?
    Some would need to be there a bit earlier to lay claim to" NetRider-space".
    Mid-Sept. ?
    Over to you...

  2. Yep I'm in... I'll try and bring as much bike bits and pices as possible :) and hopefully unload some...
  3. Yep, could be good. I don't have many bits that I'd want to sell. The only stuff I wouldn't hang on to is unusable.

    Before you get too far down the track, it might be worth checking how the Parks people feel about a market/swap meet being run in their BBQ areas.
  4. well the bbq sounds good, and the outdoor autostore sounds even better
  5. Bring the Double-B you mean? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  6. Mid September would be good, I think I'm busy all through August :? Plus it would be good to see if I can fob off my old drirder to some unsuspecting noobie :p
  7. I think I have some spare computer parts laying around that I can get rid of if anyone's needs them *cough* geeks *cough*

    I could also sell my body for bike money or even set up a stall and lay naked while people eat sushi off me......actually nvm
  8. Not the Beemer, surly :x :p :p :p :p

    It should be fairly small and not really Dandenong-market style with marquees etc., more like "out-of-the-topbox/ backpack" or "car-boot" type of thing...gloves/ boots/ a jacket or Ventura Rack don't really constitute a "stall"....you're right, the laundry-door/ sawhorse makes it a bit too commercial.
    Any other venues one can think of?
  9. Better stay bike-related....

    :LOL: :LOL: I'll bring some CUT-lery :LOL: :LOL:
  10. Sounds a great idea! Count me in :) Might be a couple of items I can throw in the tank bag too. Maybe I'll come home with more than I take though :?

    We also have the free Netrider XMAS BBQ in December too :)
  11. Sept sounds good.

    We've still got some crap....................I mean quality merchandise left over from our last garage sale which I'd love to get rid of.
  12. Can I bring the @#$%^&*() neighbour's dog (to sell, that is!!)
    Failing that, does anyone have a surefire LEGAL way of shutting up an incessantly barking mutt!!!! (if it involved a LITTLE pain, that would be a bonus!!)
  13. Complain to the council.

    If it's creating a nuisance they will have to do something about it.

    That may involve some expense on their part, but it's their dog.

  14. shoot it.

    Every so often i see this guy on his bike around Stkilda road with his Jack Russell in a bag sitting on top of the tank, cracks me up everytime
  15. Sorry to stay off topic,

    For the barking dog:

    Get something that makes a really loud sound. (Starter pistol, tin garbage can lid and a stick, air horn.) (I found slamming my backdoor worked really well.)

    Go out in the back yard when it barks and make the really loud sound once. The dog will stop barking to listen to what the noise was.

    When the dog starts barking again, immediately make the noise again. The dog will stop again to listen. The sooner you can do it after the first bark the better. As soon as the bark stops, stop the noise.

    After about five or ten minutes of this, the dog generally gets frustrated at having its barking rhythm broken all the time and shuts up for a while.

    Do this for a week or two until the dog is conditioned to not bark. Or at the very least you have the satisfaction of knowing that your inconsiderate neighbours are probably getting as annoyed with your noise as you are with theirs.

    Give it a go, i hope it works. It did for me.

    Oh, and i'm too far away to attend swapmeet/bbq, but it sounds like a great idea.

  16. McBig's idea is good.

    I tried using a spare paling on the fence for about 2 minutes. Wack it flat against the fence. Woke everyone in the vicinity. When a few lights came on, was a still night and it sounded like gunshots, I yelled out as loud as I could "Shut that f u c k i n g D o g u p".

    Heard sound of dog howling and then silence.

    No probs since.

    Another idea is ring the bastards and ask them if there is someone prowling around as their dog is barking loudly.

  17. Swap meet would be a good thing even just for the BBQ.

    And I've got an electric collar that will sort that dog out no worries.
  18. Hmm something like it... Car & trilor... Or should I just go to a bike swapmeet??
  19. lol,that fella works as a courier with a mate of mine,funny little dog he is :D :LOL:

    As for the barking dog,i just flamed people on another forum for suggesting cruel ways to shut a dog up,so ill try be a bit nicer here :twisted:

    1.Complain to the council repeatedly
    2.Get the phone number of the residence of where the dog is and ring them up every time the dog starts barking,they'll soon get sick of phone calls at 2am and will eventually take action themselves.