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Banged up fairing on a Zxr250c needs repairing

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by ubermaan, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. hi im guys im new here and also just started riding . i brought a 93 zxr250c which had no rwc on it . i need to get it done so i can insure the bike . but the mech said the engines and stuff is fine but the fairing is damaged/not alined or something . there are a few cracks and scratchs but i didnt think that would make it no road worthy . any tips on how to fix? preferably with not alot money involved . or else should i just pick a 2nd hand fairing up?

  2. I had the same bike as my first. I reckon the fairing is probably the most expensive part of it. If it's already broken, why bother insuring it. I never insured mine. Paying $1200 a year for a bike that's value is less than $5k didn't make sense to me. That's 2 sets of tyres and a service. I risked it.
  3. i would just align it and make sure its not going to fall off with zip ties and duct tape and maybe later buy/repair the fairings when your confident your not going to drop it. but i know nothing about RWCs or what you need to pass them.
  4. +1 to the previous two posts. Insurance for 250 sports bikes is expensive and in 2 years you've bought yourself a new bike with insurance alone, not really worth it but saying that you should at least get third party and im not sure if you need a rwc for that, if you do then its up to you, risk it or fork out the dollars to fix it
  5. i had the same problem with my bike fairing wouldnt pass. aslong as it doesnt have sharp edges just tape it up with electrical tape and that will pass. if your mechanic doesnt pm me and ill pass you on to the shop that passed mine. vicroads approved it and it had alot of damage.
  6. wow thanks guys . havent had the chance to jump on the forum for a while . but yea i was planning to just get 3rd party anyways . the bike isnt really worth that much . i took the front fairing off today, which is where the main problem is . the light dont quite sit nicely in the fairing which allows light to be reflected back into the riders face, thats why it is not roadworthy . the was a bunch of tape around the side . so i 'being a smartarse' riped it all off . now that i see there is a FAT crack and a fist size peice which is not even attached to the fairing . soo screwed . think i might need a new one . maybe i can fix it but i've never done plastic welding or any of that stuff . now what .... :cry: i cant even ride the bike