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Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by undii, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. Nope dude, he's munted.
  2. :shock: He's gone for sure. That rear tyre is in the air.
  3. Yeah that's what I thought but would be interesting to see someone with know how explain and/or show how things like that don't always result in BANG :eek: Would be a great pic to show *if* you made the corner, a bit of "Look what I can do, lift the rear wheel off the ground on purpose" :-w
  4. He's definatly gone, i just dont think he knows it yet :shock:
  5. Didn't see it the first time I looked, but you can actually see the gouge in the road where whatever is actually touching the ground (pegs/zorst??) is scraping along the road...
  6. IF (it's a big if) he's able to push up hard enough with his knee, he could recover it by lifting the bike back onto the rear wheel. Such a thing has been done before, but typically by racers on bikes that weigh much less than that barge. So while I wouldn't say "100% sure, gone for all money", I'd say about 99.999% sure.

    Edit: Oh - and them's some tight pants, unless we're witnessing severe arse puckering in action.
  7. I think he knows he's (she's??) gawn.. the upper body is leaning to the right,
    as if trying to correct the "slightly excessive" lean angle, or that 'orrible body position has caused the slide in the first place.

    either way, gooooorn!! now, where dya reckon the impact will be?

    from the line of the gouge in the road, I reckon that tree root in the bank directly ahead is gunna cop a motorbike amidships, and that smaller, horizontal root to the left will catch the rider.

  8. :shock: Gone!
    You can see the scrap marks on the road from the pipes or footpegs...
    At least he/she wasn't squiding like some of the other simmilar pics that have been posted here :)
  9. Notice anything else about this corner anyone?

    Other than they are leaning very far over, the reasons probably being they were going too fast into a negative camber corner.
  10. The poof has a shiela's arse :LOL:

    Still got the brakes on mid-corner. Maybe f*cked up by coming into the corner too hot.
  11. Way too late. The bum might be off the seat, but the head and shoulders are on the wrong side of the bike. I think they have given up, and are trying to stay away from the road.
  12. heh, watching last nights GP and a commentator saying "And hayden got his rear tyre off the track" (I think 1/2 way or near end of race) made me think of this post I had made. Maybe it's hayden in the OP :p
  13. reckon he's in a g-banger?

    *edit* or is it a she?
  14. Yep he was definitely down ... I saved that same pic back in August '05 and the one after it.

    Here it is again ..


    And this one with his mates helpin' him pick it up ...


    From memory .. he basically just laid it on it's side and slid a metre or two ... all good ... didn't hit the bank etc

  15. What a nasty corner. That negative camber is huge