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Bang for buck (ski v mbike)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jphanna, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. it took me till 2007 before i bought my first toy. a jet ski. at the time and over the next 6 years, the best fun we ever had on weekends.

    this is a typical day with the ski (going to river only. ocean trip another can of worms....)

    1. load up the boot with washing/flushing accessories
    2. wet suits
    3. life jackets
    4. food and drink (most public ramps that are close to main towns are overloaded, so you have to drive further from main towns along the river, so no shops nearby.
    5. hook up the ski and check trailer lights working
    6. drive for 1-2 hours to closest destination
    7 arrive and hope there is a spot avail to moor ski. (even in the remote places)
    8. unload the boot and set up a spot for family.
    9. launch the ski
    10.....have fun

    then do everything above in reverse to get home and then when home spend 2-3 hours cleaning the ski/lifejackets/car/wetsuits.

    then i bought a mbike in 2010.

    1. put gear on
    2. ride the bike
    3. after ride finishes, wash and polish 60 mins. pack it away.

    i sold my ski a few days ago........
  2. You could increase the time on the bike by decreasing the amount of time you spend washing and polishing it.
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  3. Since I've started riding motorbikes, I've realised a lot of recreational sports are going for the single track leaning feeling like skiing, jet ski's, water skiing and surfing. Whereas with motorbiking, once you have the bike, you can basically get that feeling in a convenient way and you get more of it. Just keep in your comfort zone and make sure to well maintain the bike and its all good. In addition to the leaning G force feeling, even slow bikes would blow most sportscars away in a straight line too. So you get the leaning G forces plus the acceleration rush combined. You also get to play dress ups and have fun rev matching and listening to the race engine sound.

    I suppose some bikes get to play with extra buttons too.
    So not only is every part of the body busy doing things consciously or automatically, while feeling all the g force feedback thru your body, you also get to press buttons.

    Woman can also sit pretty on the stead.

    There's something for everyone, what's not to love apart from the occasional cager driving too close behind or merging with contempt.