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Bandito on the way

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by jawntybull, Oct 23, 2009.

  1. Test rode the Bandit 1250s this week - love it! Picked up an as-new 2007 model with ABS last night on fleabay (who would have thought)... heading down to Vic next week to pick it up. Pictures soon!

  2. Woot! I think we're just about at the point of needing a Bandit-riders subforum around here! Congrats on the new machine.
  3. just because your from Victoria doesn't mean everyone is (check his location) ;)
  4. Thanks for stating the most obvious:blah: The note was there to show it wasnt just a handfull of NSW dudes on the site :rofl:
  5. The state doesn't matter - its an SA-registered bike that I'm picking up in Melbourne and riding back to Sydney - truly cosmopolitan!

    What a drag eh - to have to ride my new bike for 1000km straight up :) Not sure if I 'll like having more than double the horsepower than my current bike \\:D/\\:D/
  6. ;) no worries mate, didnt mean to sound condescending.
  7. looking nice :)
  8. Picked the bike up yesterday - what an amazing machine! Roide back through the Murray Valley and Bathurst - beautiful countryside! Here's a couple of picks looking towards Corryong
  9. Cool mate. Mine sounded a little agressive. Group hug! lol :)
  10. Nice mate. Nice. Not the fast colour though :)

    Whats the seat bag? Looks a bit more compact than my MotoDry.
  11. Its the Oxford First Time bag... expands upwards ifyou need it (although it leans a bit when you expand it!). Fits pretty well on the Bandit - I had it left over from my last bike. I'm thinking of a Ventura rack for the Bandit now....