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Bandit suttle mod

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by reggie, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. :grin:
    I have now got 6000 klm from this beast and I have had issues with sliding hardup against the tank :cry: I also on log rides get sore wrists not all the time just after 150k or so.
    I got into the garage with a beer or 7 and started with the seat.
    When removed I noticed 4 rear rubber stops and removed them (they just pop out),then took off the rubber spacers on the retainer poles and replaced the seat :LOL: Hey presto! short arse can touch the ground better and no more ball busting.
    Got me thinking about my wrist issue,Loosened the risers and rolled slightly back towards me a little and checked lock to lock for the tank and now i sit more upright and there is no pain so bigger grips next but man for a bit of modding and this bike is now even better to ride and I find myself now going out even more :grin: Give it a try

  2. wtf is a suttle????
  3. nice :cool:

    Don't you love it when it turns out to be an easy fix!
  4. Thats a very subtle way of putting it Dougz. :cool:
  5. :oops: One should proof read and also find a solution for FRED Flintstone fingers SUBTLE

  6. OH NO !!!...a typo on the internet. I'll bet this is the first one ever.
    ***runs screaming from the room in panic***
  7. You are such a child :roll:
  8. Well Done reggie !
    I had a problem with my family jewels sliding into the tank also.
    I had the seat recovered with grippy material ... problem solved

  9. It's a special kind of person that corrects spelling on internet forums.
  10. And it's a special kind of person that resorts to sarcasm as their first form of wit.

    It's called humour you berk. Sorry if I didn't add a little smiley face for your benefit.

    Here's one for now :jerk:

  11. I'm laughing now.