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Bandit Screens

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Scozzy, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. I've just bought a new model Bandit 1250 ABS. This is an awesome bike and so far (just had my first 1000km service) I have no complaints.

    The only thing I would like to change about the bike is the screen. I spend a lot of time on the freeway commuting to work every day and I wouldn't mind a bit of extra wind protection.

    Has anyone fitted an aftermarket screen to one of these 08 model bikes? I have heard bad reports about the flip-up type screens that are available. Some say they cause too much turbulence without giving the protection promised in the blurb.

    At a healthy six foot tall and about 120kg in my gear I'm on the upper range of rider sizes.

    Any comments / suggestions (apart from lay off the pies and lose weight - you fat bugger) would be most welcome.
  2. Bandit screen

    I have the same criticism and think the flute at the front edge just channels bugs under your chin.
    Also no matter how tight I get the mounts it vibrates like hell during cold early rides.
    I have fixed that prob with some black fly screen rubber down each inside edge,looks ok and hasnt dislodged even at an170kph squirt.
    I too would like an aftermarket higher screen.
  3. Mate have a look at the Bandit info here http://www.maximum-suzuki.com/forums ignore all the USA rules bullsh!t that goes on and prepare to be classed as second best because you are outside the US & Canada. They really are a bunch of winging sooks.

    Anyway I'm as tall as you and probable wider and have no issues with the screen. It works as good as any other I've had and better than some but the slot at the bottom sucks bugs inside and they're harder to clean off there.

    Having said that I have 2 jackets and one of them is much worse for wind buffeting than the other as its my shoulders that pick up the wind not my head.

    Have a look for the couple of reviews I have done on here.
    Feel free to PM if you have anything else.

    EDIT: Reviews Here