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bandit dynojet

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by maybefred, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. I have recently purchased a bandit 1200 that is exactly what I've been looking for all these years.
    There is one slight problem... The amount of fuel it uses.
    It has a full stainless hindle exhaust system and has been dynojetted before I bought it so now I get about 160km before the tank is empty regardless of how I ride. It has been tuned since but made no difference.
    I wonder if I can go back to the original jets with this system as the dynojet graphs I received did not seem to make much difference before and after jetting?
    I just think the whole system is a little too rich.

  2. That don't sound too good, what year model did you buy, I just got 288km for 17 litres used. That was mostly good runs and not all too much stop start and very easy on the right wrist with the acceleration, well mostly lol.
  3. Are you talking difference power-wise, or to the air/fuel ratio?

    What you really need to see is a printout of the air/fuel ratio with standard jets and the full system to check whether it will safely run on standard jets. If the A/F ratio is < 13.5 in the top 1/3 of the rev range then you'll be fine.

    I wouldn't imagine that bigger main jets would cause it to use heaps more fuel (depending how you ride!) as these generally only come into operation once you're past half of max revs.

    Perhaps check to see whether there are different/raised needles in there also, this is more likely to contribute to the increased fuel usage.

    First thing I would be doing is checking to see what sized jets and needle type it has in there, shouldn't take too long, and comparing jet size to standard.

    Edit: Dynojet jets and needles usually have 'DJ' or some similar marking stamped on them.
  4. Very informative cammo well done :wink:
  5. I haven't pulled out the carbies yet and I don't have the original jets which is a problem so I can't really compare them to anything.
    Thank you though. 13.5 you say.
    I have all the dyno graphs but none of them say the A/F ratio. Only that the power has gone from 93hp to 115.
    I'll ask for it next service.
  6. I had the exact same reaction when I first bought mine :? a 99 model. It sugged more juice than a 2 cent crack ho, and WAAAAAY more than any previous 8 bikes collectively almost. Even my old FJ1200.
    I seriously thought there was something actually wrong with it :-k seeing as on the fwy at high speed, or in twisties, say GOR, you can virtually watch the needle go down :shock: So I asked around dealerships and other owners and came to the inevatable conclusion thats just nature of the beast-they suck :!: Loz will be so glad to see me write that :grin:

    A quick comparison for you. On a trip Melb to Qld last Xmas, my mate was on a Yamaha Diversion 900. From full tank, same road, same k's, on average, I would be hitting near reserve and he would have roughly half a tank still :?
  7. Yeah, but the reserve is five litres. I think one is easily deceived. It's slightly better with a tune but only 8l/100k at best.
  8. It was all in the jets.
    After taking apart the carbies six time and moving the C-clip to various positions, burning my hand on the engine trying to tuen the mixture screws I finally got it. Now I get 300 odd ks to a tank without puttering along. Still backfires but makes a happy note.
  9. Well done dude, persistance payed off, but too late for mwah, bought an 05 model and no probs, get about same now, 300 odd k,s :grin: