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Bandit 400 LAMS?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by thecptn, Jan 29, 2006.

  1. I have a fetish for naked bikes, so far, the bandit realy takes me fancy, I was thinking about getting the 250, but I think I might out grow it, so apparantly they made 400's, a 400 sounds quite nice, how ever when I looked at the nsw rta website of approved lams, the 400 bandit wasnt there, nor was the 250 bandit for that matter, please tell me they are lams, realy would like one.

    I did google and search, no avail :(

  2. I had a google, I dont think thats the bandit, the bandits go under the gsf model name.

    Edit, I think it is, googles more...nah, there def called gsf400's
  3. Give the RTA a call. I know they are generally as useless as tits on a bull but you might luck in and get someone who has a clue what your talking about, The Bandit is a grey import, ergo may not be on the list, may be the GSX400F or RTA may not have a clue what your talking about. Maybe your best bet would be to call an insurance company. They tend to have a better grasp on imports than the RTA.

    EDIT: the Bandit could also be the GS400 which is not on that list (prolly due to it being an import).
  4. lol will do! from its specs ive seen it go from around 50-57hp and from 160kgs to 190kgs, so who realy knows I dont know, but if it is around the 50 hp mark, it seems in line with lams type bikes.
  5. sorry dude, i'm pretty certain the bandit 400 is NOT lams approved. it would most definately be under GSF400, and the reason you dont see the 250 there is because ALL 250 4 strokes are ok :wink:

    i know for sure the XJR400 is ok tho, top bike that one, got one of them in my garage :cool: it would be a tuff call as to what i think looks better between the XJR and my old bandit 250, but the XJR wins hands down for feel and looks heaps better than the early model bandits (havn't seen a 400 in the late model shape)
  6. Ah bugger! thanks any way, the xjr sure looks sweet! though I cant seem to find many online for sale, looks a bit heavy, how does it go?
  7. goes well, really dont feel that much different to my old bandit. i know its a bit heavier on paper, but it doesn't feel that way.... bucketloads more power than the 250 tho :LOL: it actually feels like a real bike :p :p

    top bike, love to have a shot on the bigger ones too, look pretty much the same but BIG :cool:
  8. awesome :grin: though I cant seem to find any online for sale :? they seem like a bit of a hard to find bike.
  9. keep an eye out, i keep coming across them here in vic and they're a really odd size for down here...
  10. Will try too, trading post, bikepont, and bikesales didnt even list the xjr, very strange, I just hope I can find one for 3- 3.5k.
  11. got malissa's for $2k needed a bit of work, was all on the road with 12 months reg for under $3200 :grin:

    they're out there, just gotta keep that eye open :wink:
  12. Thanks for the info moiiiaate! seem affordable, no more twofiddy, and they look a little like a vmax too..im in love.