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Bandit 250 spares

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by art, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. Hello All,

    Need to replace a front brake lever in my gsf250 (yes, stupid 0 speed drop in garage). Lever is bent a little + the very tip is broken. Actually I can still brake without any problem but afraid bike won't pass the pink slip test.

    Saw lots of brake/clutch levers on eBay for gsf400/600/1200, but nothing for bandit250. Heard that gsf400/600 should fit into gsf250... Is it really true? Do not want to spend money and have useless brake lever.
  2. What year is your bike?

    Most suzuki brake levers from that era will fit your bike, dealers will carry spares in stock on the shelf. I had a bandit 250, and from memory I think the rgv250 levers are also the same. If in any doubt just take your lever in.

    I wouldn't recommend buying a non genuine part, I've run into problems in the past due to out of spec tolerances on some aftermarket brake levers, and general shoddiness.

    It's very rare for any one model to have specific parts such as these, they will most often be shared amongst all the manufacturers' bikes.
  3. 2000 (official import)
  4. Potentially heaps of other model suzuki levers will fit, these most likely will: sv650, sv1000, gsr600, late model gsf1200's, etc.

    A said, all suzook dealers will have these on the shelf.
  5. According to this the GSF250V does use the same brake lever as the 600 Bandit. It's also the same lever used on the Across, RGV, GS500, GSXR, RF, TL.....should be pretty easy to find.