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bandit 250 engine life?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by marti_, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. hey peoples,

    i've been looking at a few of the older model bandit 250s with clock readings of around 20k - 35k kms. anyone know what the average engine life of the bandits 250s are? i think one of the older models may fit my budget better, but i dont want to have to do a major engine rebuild within the 2 years that i have the bike :!:

    cheers. :grin:
  2. Engine life is primarily a function of how it has been looked after. All things being equal, more revs =less life and poor maintenance = poor life.
    Plenty of 250's are getting around with 70 -100K on them.

    Most larger capacity chain driven cam engines require a new cam chain by 130K and so the same would be required before 100K on a 250.

    My old zzr250 just kept getting better and better with age (I had it from 5K to 25K).
  3. I'd say your fine as long as you purchase it with under 60,000km's on the clock. In all honesty, very few 250'c actually have their real km's on the clocks so just go with what youve actually got - a well maintained, perfectly running bike.
  4. The bandit would have a very similar engine to the Across. My Across has about 98,000 kays on it and still has life in it yet.

    Should keep on trucking if it's well maintained.
  5. like any older bike/car expect to possibly pay for more repairs as every part of it is just older i guess.

    engine wise its all about maintenance as far as i can tell this should be summed up in the pre purchase inpection.

    service history resent consumables that have been changed or ones that are going to need changing and what vibe/opinion do you get from the seller?
  6. My bandit 250 has almost 40k on the clock but I dare say it's done more k's than that being a 1990 model gray import!

    Engine is running nice and strong - only had it 6 months but I've been told by a few people that as long as they are maintained these engines will run for a long long time! :)

    I can highly recommend getting one - it's a really fun bike to ride!! :twisted: :twisted:
  7. Bollocks, what facts have you to back that up??

    I had an early bandit 250 as my first bike, and I found that the engine got noiser as I neared 40,000 km's, probably needed the valves adjusted. This family of engines have a reputation for eating pistons if maintenance is severly neglected.

    Like most 250's, fresh oil and filters are important, as they need to revved in order to get anywhere. Buy the bike with the lowest milage, as well as performing the usual checks.
  8. The fact that there's heaps of 15+ year old CBR250's with less than 50'000 k's around?