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bandit 1250s

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by timbo79, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. hey guys has anyone had a go on the bandit 1250s??

    considering this as my new bike and would love some feedback if you have riden one
  2. Mate buy one and dont pay more than.............better still PM me.
    See HERE I picked mine up today :LOL:
  3. They've got great reviews. I rode one once and loved it. I'm a V-Twin fan, but it was still very comfortable and responsive.

    Apparantly they're running them out at about $11k brand new. Look for a place doing the "Givi Giveaway" deal. Even if you don't want the gear, it would be worth selling on Ebay or similar.
  4. Noticed the headlight wasn't on in the pics, does the Bandit not come wired on all the time ? Interested since this is top contender for my next ride.
  5. Givi deal ended yesterday. I just made it :grin:
  6. Headlight IS on when ignition is ON

    Actually I think its 2 parkers and low beam. Seems over the top.
  7. hey 2wheelsagain,

    Im jealous mate i was lookin at a 1250s at peter stevens the other day she looks bute.

    how much did you pay for her including on roads???
  8. PM sent :LOL:
  9. I have a new bandit with 500km on the clock nice bike plenty of power but have noticed the gearbox is very clunky anyone have any opinion or similar experience with this machine?
  10. Mine has 600km now. The I thought the clunkyness was ME as it was only 3 to 4th and was always smooth under power. It gets better or maybe the rider does :LOL: as mine is ok now.
  11. Have you given it an oil change yet 2wheelsagain?
  12. Still original mate. Still very clean looking too.