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Bandit 1250 "RadGuard" Radiator Guard *Update*

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by 2wheelsagain, Dec 2, 2007.

  1. Just wondering if anyone has fitted the Aussie "RadGuard" to their B1250?
    My main concern is vibration where the top of the guard only clips over the top of the core.
    Other guards through ebay etc are bolted at the sides which to me seems to be a more ridged way of fixing it in place.

    I'll be firing off an email to RadGuard asking the same question but was wondering if anyone had any "real life experience" with these guards on a 1250.

  2. I made my own out of aluminium mesh from Autobarn. It cost $16 and comes in black, silver, red and blue. Looks like you could just remove the end covers and slot some mesh in. Here is a pic of mine

  3. Thanks for the tip Oz.
    Will keep that in mind for the next bandit :LOL:
  4. Great idea that will work with 99% of bikes but the bandit end covers are a snug fit. I have seen pix of bandits done with exhaust fan wadding as that compresses but it looks sh!t.

    No email reply yet from RadGuard. :? Maybe they dont want my money.
  5. Thanks for sharing oz650r. When I made one for my bike I didn't know where to get the mesh from and ended up at my hardware shop buying flywire, which while it may do the job, doesn't look as substantial as the mesh.
  6. Re: Bandit 1250 "RadGuard" Radiator Guard

  7. Mate the radguards are awesome..

    May i suggest ringing them, as they run the radguard business from another business they have.

    I too had a similar problem with email, but i rang and left a message, they got back to me pretty quickly..

    On the 14 it appears that it will fit loosely and rattle, but its as tight as a drum.. :grin:
  8. I dont doubt the quality but their custome service sucks.
    It's funny how I can email a dealer in Germany and get a reply within 24 hrs but a joint in Coffs Harbour cant be bothered. Its been over a week now.
    Blackbandit just sent me pix of his warpspeed guard and I'll be going that way as soon as I can find one.
    As usual good Aust customer service is really hard to find. That is something the Yanks do really well. There is a lot about Yanks that p!ss me off but their customer service is spot on.

    Thanks for the phone tip mate.

  9. RadGuard never returned my email so I went elsewhere. :evil:
    I have just fitted a WarpSpeed guard bought from a vendor who was prepared to commumicate. :grin:
    It looks good too. :wink:


    It will get its first bug attack tomorrow no doubt :mad:
  10. Whats Radguards story ??

    Well at least you got one and it looks the goods as well.. :grin:
  11. Paul, that Aussie company missed out because their customer service was so slack. Sure they have a nice looking website and I dont question the quality of their product but when companies have a "contact us" page on their site I expect to be able to "contact" them with a querie I had.

    I found a retailer who deals with WarpSpeed screens (Aussie made too) who answered my questions.
  12. I agree. It looks hawt!!!!

    Yeah, companies that have a "waste your time with this link" annoy me!!!!

  13. Hi Chris,
    It's Paul from Rad Guard Australia. I have just read your comments on
    Netrider. We apologise, but we didn't get your email.

    We were made aware mid December last year that some customers emails were not getting through to us . After investigating, we found that some emails were rejected by one or more of the email carriers. This meant that we never received these missing emails at all. Apparently, some people that made inquires received a message back saying that there email was rejected.
    This problem was no fault of the sender or the receiver of emails, but to put it simply, "was cause by the middle man". Unfortunately, it wont be the last time this happens due to the complex nature of the internet.

    Once again ,we are very sorry and if you would like to contact us here I will answer any questions that you may have.

    Kind regards.
    Rad Guard Australia.
  14. my father used the mesh from autobarn to do the grill for the radiator for his DL650. I made use of the leftovers...
  15. Thanks for the late reply Paul but like others I know of we went elsewhere.
    I'm sure you have a quality product. No hard feelings.

  16. Its the power of Netrider Chris, hence their response on this website :LOL:

    Do a google search on <radguard> & this thread comes up.


    Do a google search on <rad guard> & you get another NR thread
    whinging about the cost of their product :LOL:

  17. They will never know how many sales they missed out on.
    Although they were my first choice, I'm rapt with my Warpspeed which has already saved the radiator once.