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Bandit 1250 owners fuel economy ??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Greg 1250sABS, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. Hi guys / gals

    Just interested in everyones mileage, I know some will say who gives a @&it but if mine is over fueling to the max I would like the dealer to fix it before it's dead.

    First tank full (98oct) 5.8ltr/100k ... than the next 4 tanks (91oct) avg 6.6-7.0ltr/100k all this in running in mode.

    After the first service and fixed 80% of the surging at 2-3,500rpm (throttle bodies & throttle position sensor reset) now I can can cruise in 4th @ 60k without being shaken to dead, but after the first fuel tank from service (91oct) 8ltr/100k I got better than that on my old GS1000s ringing it's neck.

    This tank fuel is 95oct to see if any different but would like some input from others ... I don't ride it hard up to 60-70k wouldn't often see 4,000rpm usually 3,000rpm, 5k to work and back along Harborne St. maybe 3 stops if court at the lights all 60 or so k's

    Thks Greg ...
  2. Kms on engine now?
  3. I think 2wheelsagain mentioned someone like 5.5 - 6l / 100 km's in his review

    here we go

  4. Are you saying you are doing mostly 5km runs? If so, I'd say the engine is in enriched EFI mode for part of that, treating the situation as a cold start, and your consumption will suffer. I normally get 300km from a tank on my CB1300 (about 18km per litre) but using it for work and buzzing around city traffic for a week, it quickly dropped to barely 250.

    Put some open road kilometres on the bike and see what that does to the average. Not a bad bike BTW.
  5. It would have about 1300k on it ...

    Cold start circuit maybe ... I warm it up for 3-4 minutes and still the drop between pre and post service is the big concern ... if they've richen up the mixture in that problem rev range that would explain the drop.

    Just trying to get an average off other owners to have some amo for the dealer.

    Thks Greg ...
  6. Typically, I'll get about 15-17km/L city/suburban commuting (6.5-7 L/100km), and around 19-20 km/L highway riding (Up to 23 If you're sitting behind a truck!). Slightly richer then would be expected, however I bought the bike from a bloke that had put a yoshi on it with no ECU changes. even on the 250 (4 pot), I was only floating around the 20km/L mark commuting. Never experienced any any surging, and no excessive shaking at low RPMs. Though if it's shaking with the throttle wide open, it is the problem of the operator, not the bike!
  7. If you let it warm up for a few minutes and only do a few kms then you'll get bad economy as so much fuel is wasted as it warms up. On top of that, at 1300kms the bike/engine is still loosening up.
  8. Greg I donnt know what I'm getting around town but suspect its like you.

    I can say that 5km is not enough and I take the long way to work just to get some heat into the engine and box. My commute is mainly in 3rd as the engines are much better at 4000rpm than 3000. I suspect you're nursing it to much which could have long life implications. Do not let it idle for 3 minutes. Start it, gear up and bugger off. They warm much faster under load and with EFI it wont stall on you.

    On trips even over Mt Hotham I regularly get low to mid 5'sL/100km but give these things a caning and you'll be looking for a survo at 180km (and potentially walking for the rest of your life)

    As a side note my old RF900R was +40hp and carbied and returned about the same economy. Why FI is not better I dont know but I still love this bike. Happy to PM if you wish.


    EDIT: You may see a big jump in performance and economy at about 5000km
    EDIT2: Dont waste your money on 98 get quality 91 and pocket the change (10:1 comp only)
  9. Yes I agree with what your saying ...

    But by the time I get my gear own and lock the gate etc it takes about 2 - 3 minutes the same as pre servicing.

    I do give it some throttle but not much room on Harborne St.

    I usually go for weekend rides Serpentine / Mundaring etc, but mostly to & from work.

    So It's looking like 6-7ltr per 100k as about normal.

    It's just the sudden drop after the service.

  10. a mate with a 1400 (same basic engine) gets 7-7.5 and he rides like a girl

    i think 6-7 sounds about fair
  11. They're as close to a 14 as they are to a postie bike :LOL:
  12. I used to get 5.5-6.5 out of my gsxr1100. FI but heavier bike, so yeah sounds about right.
  13. the gsx1400. which is just an overbored 1250 engine. or was it the 1200 engine. but they do weigh a little more too
  14. The 1400 is a bigger version of the old bandit 1200 engine.

    the 1250 bandit is of the same lineage, but I can imagine it's a bit more than just the water cooling.

    Still it's a valid comparison in my mind. Same parentage, similar weights, capacities and power output.
  15. ^^^ May be a fair comaro bike to bike, weight, output, size, etc, but engines and gearboxes are very different. They are a 1250 and now 650 casting only and not used for anything else.

    Still we're splitting hairs in the context of this thread. :wink:
  16. well i have 800 km on mine and i have been going for rides on old pacific hwy etc and i filled it up yesterday and its doing 22 km/litre [if i worked it out right on the calculator on my mobile....?]
  17. Most of my riding is a commute - 3rd and 4th gear with some filtering in 2nd. Average RPMs - 3,000
    On average, I get about 6-7L per 100 km.
    I have 1250s ABS with 4000 kms on clock. Usually fuel with premium.
  18. Why :shock:
  19. Don't know. Not much price difference when getting 12 or so liters. I feel that premium is "cleaner" and possibly generates a slightly better performance.
    Has anyone done any tests?
  20. :LOL: Yeah I agree its only $1 difference per tank and I run the occasional premium tank as a "cleaning tank" and thats usually the first one on a long trip. Performance wise there's nothing in it and on other bikes I've had its actually worse. (91 RON recommended)

    Call me tight but I'll keep the $1 most times :)