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bandit 1250 or cb1300

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by 99sydrd, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. Guys
    I'm about to purchase either a new cb1300 or bandit1250. Which is the better bike ? I'm leaning towards the suzi as i've had 2 and both been good bikes.

    What i want is;
    1/ Sporty tour bike that's fun to ride.
    2/ Something that handles really well and easy to ride.
    3/ Can comfortably cruise around 200km/h on private country roads, at this speed on the gsx650f is sitting on 11rpm in top gear, with not much left.
    4/ Cheapish around 15k max.
    5/ Torquey bike with loads of grunt.
    6/ Upright riding position.
    7/ Something i wont grow out of or get bored within 6 months time.

    Also is ABS better to have or not. For $500 extra y can get the bandit with ABS. Some salesman say 'yes' and some say 'no' ? who's right.

    It's amazing how quickly things change owning a motorbike. At first, my gs500 was it, it lasted 3 months and 1500km , then the gsx650f it still is a great bike but i want more, (an extra 600cc) it lasted for 7000km.
    Is this normal , does this happen to other bike owners, you buy a bike think its great for a while and then go 'fuick' the bike doesnt give that thrill that it used to.

    I've test ridden a few sports bikes i.e cbr600 and gsxr750 , great bikes if you own eastern creek or phillip island, or un-limited points on your licence, unfortunatly not for me.

    Any other bikes worth looking at with similiar capacity and price range.

  2. the honda.
  3. I vote CB1300

    Rode them both, bought the CB1300, but I was buying used and the Bandit 1250s were still quite new last September.

    The 1250S is a big improvement over the 1200S. I know the older model has a big following for its value for money and very tough engineering but two friends who owned them sold them without too many regrets as they weren't exactly inspiring.

    The 1250 is smooth, very torquey and the ABS is cheap enough to make ticking that box simple. What I didn't like was the general build quality, the digital speedo and the lack of even a token space on board to stow a few things.

    The CB1300 proved a perfect choice... for me. After a lot of years on the road, I like big lazy engines with torque like a locomotive's. I like smart design. I like fuel injection and water cooling. I like good brakes and adjustable suspension. I like easy maintenance and long chain life. I like a full-information dashboard with real dials. And I love a riding position that feels as though they built it around me.

    I guess you have worked out I like it.

    I can pull 18.5km/l without much effort, giving it a 300+km range to reserve, don't need a screen so I bought the naked, and my wife enjoys the pillion seat. And 100kmh equals 3600rpm, so its not exactly going to wear out this side of 250,000km. There's even 16 litres of space under the seat for two jacket liners, neck warmer, tool kit, first aid kit, hand cleaner and rags, occy straps, tyre gear, handbooks, duct tape, spare gloves and room left over for a bottle of water.

    I bought my CB while working at a Suzuki dealership, and rode the GSX1400 and the Bandit 1250S a lot before making up my mind. I don't think you can go wrong either way but to me the Honda looked the better quality package. It's as reliable as a rock but doesn't lack character (well, as much as any UJM has character I suppose).

    Good luck with the test rides.
  4. What's wrong with the GSX14? Sounds exactly like what you're after. Comfortable, grunty & with rear shock risers & sticky tyres can do a pretty good sportbike impression. Brilliant brakes & fully adjustable suspension all make a pretty good all round package. The bike also feels way lighter to ride than the spec sheet would suggest. Give one a try :) :)
  5. the suzuki. :wink:
  6. The Bandit is the way to go. More value for your dollar and range of aftermarket parts (awsome with a power commander).
    Also you are not stuck with a retro looking lampshade of a bike.

    p.s. resale of Bandits also leave the cb1300 for dead.
  7. There are a heap more aftermarket bits and pieces available for the Bandit which means it's easy to customize your bike and make it 'yours'.

    It's nice for ones bike to be just a bit distinctive...
  8. The only real choice between the CB & the Bandit is which shade of beige does it for you. The 14 at least has some character. It grunts like a pig, sounds like 1/2 a V8 with pipes on it & vibrates just enough to feel alive :) :) An entertaining ride rather than practical & efficient.
  9. pity suzuki was too narrow sighted to release the bandit N model in Aus. I know plenty of people who wouldve bought one of those, just didnt like the style of the faired model....luckily one just put down on a 1400... that will be fun
  10. have to disagree there...
    my boyfriend had a CB1300 which had the following mods:

    Micron exhaust
    K&N air filter
    Carbon fibre hugger
    stainless steel radiator grill
    billet aluminium brake/radiator caps
    ventura rack

    and on his list to buy (which he never got around to) were:
    fender eliminator kit
    smaller indicators
    power commander
    anodised bar ends

    ebay has HUNDREDS of mods available for the Honda Cb1300. You just have to import them from the Uk.

    He loved his cibby 1300, he still misses it in some ways (the torque) but he sold it cause he realised a guy who's 5'7" really shouldn't be trying to move a bike this big out the driveway lol
  11. I think the honda makes the suzuki look like another boring and dated bike, dated in a bad way...the honda has a bit of a retro feel which, considering its target market is around the 30ish - 50ish or "pre harley/bmw" is right on the money.

    I cant really get myself into sports tourers, but i think the honda looks alright, and that says something.
  12. I should have been clearer... I really meant to say that there are heaps more mods available for the Bandit in Australia... sorry.

    You are of course correct, if you don't mind chasing stuff from overseas then it won't make much difference.
  13. aaaaaaaah

    yes you're right about that, Honda don't seem to have a lot of gear in australia which is odd considering how many people buy them
  14. Bandit for the motor, CB1300 for the Honda quality factor... Neither of them for "handling really well!"

    CB has the typical Honda injection snatch issues, both are heavy and handle ok up to a point, beyond which they feel like a struggle.

    I don't know that I'd bother buying either new, there's plenty of good units around secondhand. Try a 98-onwards ZX9R too.
  15. Go the Bandit but dont plan on arranging a test ride. They are all sold out of the container.

    The only thing the B1250 should have but doesnt is a temp guage.
    The 1250 is quite tall at the seat so you will need to be 5'10" or more in standard form. 3300RPM @100k. Not sure at 200 but it has another 40 on top of that :grin:

    As much as I love mine if I was looking now I would also look at the new CB1000. I'd probably still go for the 1250 because its the best value you'll get.

    The CB1300 looks like a big lump. The GSX14 has the same output as the 1250 (I think).

    Dont compare the old B to the new one. They're very different.
  16. Good point; CB1000F is probably well worth a ride, they reckon it's the new VFR.