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Bandit 1250 blown signal fuses !

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Greg 1250sABS, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. Any one else having problems with the signal fuse blowing ! ?

    1st blown before 1st service, you get that ...
    2nd blown couple off week's later, you get that again ...
    3rd a week ago ... starting to you know what me
    Rang the dealer ... never had a problem ?
    4th tonight as I pull out off work " really you know what " me off now

    Any one else ... ??

    Thks Greg

    You loose - Taillight, I assume brake light, turn signals, tacho, speedo all gauges
  2. Touch wood all ok for me mate.
    Back to the dealer inder warranty I'd say as you have a short somewhere.
    Do you have any after market electrics fitted?
  3. No not yet, power socket (cig lighter) down the track for heated grips / GPS etc.

    Temp gauge in the works but not on the bike yet.

    I think I'll have a poke around on the weekend see what I see, It's my only transport and I'm stuffed without it.

    Thks Greg
  4. turn everything on and get to whatever wiring possible and give it a wiggle one section at a time, if there is a short inthe wiring this should give you an idea of where, also check your globes, sometimes double filament globes in cars can short when the filaments touch. Is there a particular time when it happens(if you notice straight away), i.e indicating left/right, braking, handle bar angle?
  5. First blown fuse straight line exiting the freeway no indicators not braking.

    Second time was the same from memory 60k riding straight

    Third ??

    Fourth pulling out of a driveway (no indicator) was working when first started rode to the driveway exit started off looked down blank gauges.

  6. Well if the tail light shares the same fuse as the indicators this is what I would check first as its on all the time the ignition is on, it could be a dodgy globe or chaffed wiring somewhere, as it doesn't blow as soon as the indicators are activated I would rule them out for now...

    Intermittant electrical faults can be a pain in the arse but if you work though it one step at a time you'll get it sorted