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Bandit 1250 bar risers

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Greg 1250sABS, May 31, 2009.

  1. Hi everybody,

    Anyone fitted bar risers to there Bandit ?, interested to find out what size fits, that don't fowl the fairing on full lock.


    2 weeks in only 300k on my new ride ...

  2. I put 12 inch risers on my Blackbird, and could not be happier,
  3. F.Y.I.

    Well I went out and bought 22mm risers.

    They fitted straight on, no problem with cables.

    The throttle cable stretch (on full left lock) just enough to pull themselves away from hitting the edge of the fairing.

    I would say 25mm would be the max without relocating cables to fit them.

    I still have the cable clamps on, no need to remove them. (with 22mm anyway)

    30mm risers you would need to relocate some cables and unclip the clutch line from the frame clamp to have any hope of fitting them.

    Greg ...
  4. Mine are 300mm

  5. Rock On! :cool:

    That bike must have the longest throttle cable ever fitted to a Blackbird!
  6. Throttle cable is standard of another Honda, 1300 probably.The clutch and brake cable are extended 150 mm, the wiring has 300 mm ext's, 36 soldered joints, staggered so theres no big lump at the join.

    Very comfy cruising, no loss of handling, it actually improves handling, as I can now throw the bird all over the road with no effort.

    Every one that sits on it, says the risers are very comfy as well. They did not believe me before sitting on it.

  7. Post a pic if you can.
    I'd like mine a little flatter and straighter like FZ1 style so I'm interested in how risers look.
  8. Sorry not enough posts yet to display pics ....
  9. one more post to make it 5
  10. Sorry for late reply,


    turned 180 degrees now lower and forward more.


    moved gear lever forward to compensate peg more forward.



    Sorry for poor quality used phone camera with flash at night.

    There MCS brand # MX10CS.

  11. Thanks Greg. I'm happy if your happy.
    How soft is the front end with the preload backed off like yours is?
    Yours is screwed out twice as far as mine.......
  12. Yeah I prefer softer settings, I have the rear on 1 and rebound on 1 turn from softest setting, for 95% of the time it's straight riding anyway, the odd fast corner seems ok for me.

    It seems easier to keep at speed with softer setting and even better with the higher bars and lower pegs.

    Just got the free top box today and fitted at lunch, at least I can do weekly shop in one trip instead of 3 back packs worth. (my bike is my only transport)