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Bandit 1200s in slow traffic?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Bravus, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. The GSXF400 is back, but still not running right... but that's another story. Given the budget considerations I'm probably stuck with it for another year or so, unless if can't be put right, in which case I will try to sell it (for bugger all, I guess) then look at something else. Hence this question:

    There are a few 2001-2003 Bandit 1200s machines available around the place for *very* good prices (6-7k). They're not something I'd really thought about, but for the age and the money they beat things like SVs. And the low down grunt from the big donk would be nice.

    The question is, how are these big sports-tourers in slow, stop-go traffic? Sadly, that's what my commute has been reduced to lately, so if I was going to grab one of these I'd need to know it would work in that context.
  2. i personally know people who do that sort of shitty riding on those (sort of) bikes. any bike will do it, just depends whether you are comfortable doing it. is the 1200 bandit water cooled? if so there is absolutley no reason why not.
  3. I commute daily in Sydney traffic on my ZRX1200 and it handles it fine. The bandit 1200 is air/oil cooled and not water cooled, however I would not let that necessarily influence your decision either way. Prior to the ZRX I used to commute on an air cooled FJ1200.

    Take a 1200 Bandit for a test ride and if it rocks your boat buy it. Like you have said the low down grunt is a real benefit in city traffic.

    In your price range you might also like to consider XJR1200/1300, ZRX 1100/1200, CB900 also.


  4. I've never had any issues commuting or doing slow travel on my Bandit 1200S. Sure it can get a bit warm, but it doesn't seem to mind getting warm (unlike my Guzzi which pings when it gets hot).
  5. The B1200 comes in about 225kg dry but they carry their weight very low.
    It will feel bigger than the 400 but as soon as you're rolling you wont notice it.

    I say do it and better still do a 1250.
  6. I commute daily on my bike 45km across Sydney. The Bandit is my engine detuned in a comfier chasis.

    It should be a great bike to commute with, though you obviously don't need the capacity. It always bugged me they didn't bring the 750 bandit out here or even put the RF900 engine in a bandit chasis.
  7. Sweet, and there are quite a few recent model, low km ones around: very nice. (strokes chin reflectively)
  8. Bandits are OK but physically quite large which limits low speed agility like switching lanes on a lane split-type situations. They're air/oil cooled so I'm not sure how happy they are in stop-start city traffic. Otherwise I'm sure they'd be ok for a commute.

    The B12 wouldn't be my vehicle of choice though when you can find the odd Hornet9 around for those dollars and they're a clear winner in my books.
  9. The comments of the Member for Hornet are duly noted and taken under advisement. ;)
  10. The comments of the Member for Hornet are seconded by the Member for Smaller Hornet :LOL:.
  11. Wouldnt expect anything else Loz :wink: :grin:

    Edit: And Paul :!:
  12. Have been thinking the same thing myself though not wholely convinced by splitability.

    Still, for Band-for-buck they are some of the best around.

    Just make sure you factor in money for a new exhaust if a Bandit doesnt already have it. This is a must since the stock is very restrictive and heavy.
  13. Haha I make no bones about it - I reckon I've ridden more than 100 different models of bike by now, and I keep on coming back to the H9 as the perfect all-rounder.

    I must ride another one soon to make sure I'm not bullshitting everyone.

  14. Yeah... it would be if it had a nice bikini fairing on the front and a decent screen.

  15. Righty-o, nanna.
  16. I've just ran the tape over the B1250.
    Width between mirrors is 850mm
    Height to bottom of mirrors is 1180mm (much higher than my Falc & Comm mirrors)

    Not sure how it compares in width but I know the height clears cage mirrors.
  17. i have the same delema at the moment a 1250 bandit or the horny9...test rod the horny9 and it was fantastic and would be fantastic for lane spliting and traffic bursts its light, nimble and has heeps of low to mid range touque and capable of blowing away any cage under $500,000...traffic or no traffic. the bandit is big but that melts away as you get moving and it is very slim and there would be no probs. in slow traffic and heaps of power to boot...like twowheels said the mirrors are sky high and clear all but some 4wd mirrors......test test test and see which one fits the best

    good luck :cool:
  18. Good stuff, thanx all. For right now there are still newer, lower km Bandits a lot cheaper than comparable Hornets available, so that does weigh on the considerations a fair bit. And I do like me a bikini (fairings also), which is another point in favour of the Bandit. I do split it up, but not all that much, and not with a huge amount of weave required (i.e. I'll usually just take the straight shot), so although manouverability is an issue it's probably not key.

    (A digression - a KTM motard of some description split past me in the way in this morning - horn!!!)

    Given that the markets are crashing massively at the moment, I probably need to leave all my cash there to cover my existing margin, so it's probably a little academic at the moment. And what I *really* want is a late model Firestorm, so it might be a matter of waiting until I have the extra 4 grand or so I'd need for one of those...

    But the big, new, shiny Bandits for seriously good prices are damn tempting!