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Bandit 1200 suggestions

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Iondah, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. I'm starting to look for my upgrade now, as I think it's a good time of year to buy and I have the cash. I have a budget of $8k onroad.

    Been thinking about a Suzuki SV650S but I'm now considering a Bandit 1200, 2003 model in particular as it suits my price range.

    My riding needs are as follows:

    - Daily commute
    - Weekend twisties
    - Pillion
    - Something I'm going to want to keep for a while
    - Can cope with 20,000k per year
    - Potential car replacement.

    I'm 6'3" and about 85kg.

    There are two things that conern me about the bandit: Fuel consumption and Weight. Just wondering how much these beasts guzzle as I've been finding conflicting reports.

    Also, what's the 0-100 acelleration like? I read 3.5secs somewhere but I would have thought thats pretty optimistic...

    This would be my first big bike after a 250 btw...
  2. After Mrs 2wheelsagain returned home and surveyed the RF and saw the parts list price I may be in the market for a new bike. Quite near the top of the list is a Bandit 1200s.
    I've only ever heard good reports on them but being 95hp they are 40 short of the RF and I think I might miss the extra ponies. I intend to ride one to see how we get along and the upright riding position will be new too.
    With the fat torque they produce fuel consumption should be 300ish to a tank I'd expect but it depends on your right wrist.
    I think they would do everything I would want from a bike which is the same as you. I'm just not sure about the grunt.

    Other naked bikes on my list are CB1300, XJR1300, GSX1400 but I think the Bandit is better than these.
  3. 95hp - with stock pipe maybe! Whack a system on a bandit and you can easily get 120hp out of it. Don't buy one secondhand that isn't fitted with a pipe and jetted and tuned properly to suit it.

    Also, you might want to ride a few. I've ridden two - one that handled like a piece of shit, and Kenny's that handled fine. The engine is old-school but mega grunty, and you'll find they're fine for comfort, pillions, touring, whatever. They also pop a humungous wheelie in the right hands.
  4. Hoon machines. Always have been and always will be. good ol bandits.

    Another big nice naked is the cb900 hornet. Nice and quick, good looking and comfy as!