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Bandidos bikie gang gets VIP police escort

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. Article from: Herald Sun
    Paul Anderson and Carly Crawford

    October 10, 2008 12:00am

    POLICE are angry they will be made to provide a VIP escort for a motorcycle gang set to swamp Melbourne's CBD this weekend.

    More than 200 members of the Bandidos bikie gang will descend on the city this afternoon in a bold show of defiance.

    Police have been told to "facilitate" the bikies as they ride in convoy from Geelong to the CBD.

    The Bandidos will be given a police escort and traffic will be stopped so they can enjoy an uninterrupted run.

    Once in town, they are expected to hit pubs and strip clubs during their annual national run.

    "It really is a party," said one Bandidos member.

    Bikies from interstate and overseas are expected to join the run up the Princes Highway.

    The order from police command has outraged police already livid over what they say is a soft approach to bikie gangs.

    Officers will be drawn from regions already struggling to contain crime to monitor the gang from tonight until Monday.

    Police will devote 395 individual shifts to the operation, including traffic management units, general duties officers and brawler vans.

    "This operation will be sucking up a lot of manpower at peak trouble times," one officer said.

    Sen-Sgt Greg Davies, of the Police Association, said city police were already struggling to cope with drunken violence.

    "Clearly, we do not have the current frontline capacity to prevent Melburnians being injured on an average weekend in the CBD," Sen-Sgt Davies said.

    "We just hope our members will be deployed in sufficient numbers to protect themselves and the community at large.

    "We've got to be confident the force has used all of its intelligence gathering and has planned for this. If there have been any slip-ups along the way then this has the potential to make Attila the Hun's foray into Europe look like an end-of-season footy trip."

    A spokeswoman for Victoria Police said force command had contingencies in place for the run.

    "Victoria Police has a number of strategies in place to minimise traffic disruption and will continue to seek to provide a safe and orderly environment for the Victorian community," she said.

    But rank-and-file police are angry over the soft treatment.

    "They should be getting treated like they used to get treated, with crime squads reading them the riot act," one officer said.

    "I don't think a group of men who purport to be outlaws should be treated like this. Why should police assist them?"
    Another officer had a different opinion.

    "If you meet these people half-way you're going to stop trouble," he said.

    The Police Association said gang members should be ordered off their bikes and subjected to criminal and roadworthy checks . . . "a style of policing that says, `We have a reasonable belief that you're carrying drugs or firearms'," Sen-Sgt Davies said.

    Victims groups are also furious about the Bandidos pouring into Melbourne.

    "They're just thumbing their nose at the law, and victims and Victorians deserve better," Crime Victims Support Association president Noel McNamara said.

    "What are they going to do next? Put them in an Anzac parade?"

    A Bandidos member said the event had been moved from its traditional home in Queensland to Victoria.

    "We normally have it in Queensland and we haven't done it here before," he said.

    "We've got to do it somewhere, and there are really good freeways down here."

    He vowed there would be no trouble during their three nights at a Southbank hotel.

    "We're not that stupid. We've had that much police attention," he said.

    The event follows the shooting of a man believed to be a Bandidos nominee outside the gang's Sunshine clubhouse on Monday.

    The Bandidos' gathering in Melbourne comes as police push for control orders to limit bikies' movements and financial dealings.

    Victoria has resisted moves to follow South Australia in extending police more powers. "You'd have to assume they (the Bandidos) are leaving other states which have more powers," a senior police source said.
  2. Wonder if the police would be available on a Thursday night, pesky bloody lights! :twisted:
  3. lol beat me to it mate
  4. MC arranges a weekend in town. No police applications, permits or whatever. Cops decide to give them an escort.

    One club has an annual poker run. Cops approach them with a view to manageing traffic. Club says, "no thanks, we'll be right." Cops shrug and go off to man the radars elsewhere.

    Meanwhile, toy run and other charity organisers have to organise with police, get the run around, beg, plead and grovel so that the ride can be an uninterupted convoy, which it often isn't. (they call it 'tranching' or some such term). So often, the ride's broken up.
  5. I guess this *might* result in public safety but I can't help but feel this is a HUGE waste of resources.
  6. So take it you wont be volunteering to work security in city pubs come this weekend Vic :beer:
  7. :LOL:

    some excellent hyperbole there:

    and oxy-moron?:


    If it was the nsw government, they'd be publicising how awesome the whole thing is going to be for the economy at only a 'minor' inconvenience to the rate-paying residents. (ala supercars...)
  8. Oooooh bustin' out the righteous angry, aren't they?

    Friggin' cops.

    Legalise marijuana if you're so scared of alcohol-fuelled violence, you short-sighted twats.

    Meanwhile, everyone else can have a nice blast through the hills knowing all the police are in town spying on the Bandidos.
  9. or World Youth Day :roll:
  10. Yes, god forbid they'd have to divert resources away from catching the real criminal menaces to society - people that SPEED!
  11. Did the Bandidos ask for an escort? I'm no fan of bikie gangs (or, harley riders in general :grin: ) but it seems they're being used as a political play as the whole "crack down" hyperbole of the police association just sounds like the usual union rant for more resources. If the bandidos didn't ask for an escort specifically I think they'd be more than capable of making their way into the city from geelong. They are going from Geelong to Southbank apparantly I think there's probably a whole three or four traffic lights for them to go through.

    Isn't the whole thing with the seeming leniency on bikie gangs to do with keeping your enemies close and keeping them as your enemies, rather than some other enemy taking over, such as Vietnamese or Lebanese gangs which the police have absolutely no hope of infiltrating or controlling in any way, shape or form?
  12. haha...sounds like fun..

    someone get footage!!
  13. I can see all those shiny overtime $$$$$$s racking up beautifully.
  14. More police there, means less police elsewhere, true?
  15. They'd block the intersections themselves anyway so what purpose does a police escort serve? Better to have the cops in town spying on tourists than in the hills with radars. :)
  16. Yeah, as much as people are going to biatch about it, its kept them from making trouble or people making trouble for them.

    Good result.

    Would of been funny as hell to see some average Joe Blogs on a CBR join their ranks just for a non stop blast through town :grin: and to show them what a real biker looks like. :cool:
  17. nothing quite like a procession of outlaw motorbikes cruising through town.
    All those lumpy motors and loud pipes singing away, almost opera.
  18. #18 zulu2, Oct 10, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 13, 2015
    Yeah bikers are tuff as nails


    if you dis em they will kick your arse. cops have less members. better to nod and ask what else the gang/club wants.

    Just to clarify, Im no fan of any motorcycle gang except the clowns in akira.


    there not banditos but their friends the Hangels
  19. nice vidz man
  20. Leave them alone, and they will leave you alone