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band update - we're no 1!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by edgelett, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone,

    that's right we're no 1, 2 and 4 on JJJ Unearthed!

    Everyone on TRIPLE J UNEARTHED is automatically in the running for the "play at HOMEBAKE" competition. The fact we're sitting tall at No 1 is a big help right now too!

    But we need to give our entry maximum plugging.
    So please, be generous, give a struggling local Adelaide band a shot!
    Sign up, log in, and rate our stuff!


    You can also help our cause by:
    Requesting us on TRIPLE J RADIO
    Signing into the TRIPLE J GUESTBOOK

    WE also have new pics from the Cranka gig on our website (thanks Mark!) and some video from our first show at the Magil Club!


  2. thats awesome :applause:
    you must be really excited :)

  3. Thats fanbloodytastic. \:D/ \:D/
    Have ticked all boxes on the unearthed site, heard the mp3's now looking forward to hearing it live.
    I'm aiming for the 15th sept gig if the other half lets me out to play. If I cant get her to go I'll talk my bro inlaw into it.
  4. awesome Vossy, I really look forward to seeing you there!
    should be a good show that one.
  5. way to go tash. all registered and rated and loved your sounds. great guitar and love the lead vocal. sorry i didn't do this sooner. not a fan of filling in forms to register for stuff - on-line or manual.

    bestaluck, c x
  6. Well done Tash! Just signed up and did the rating thing as well. Love your sound..love your voice! :)
  7. thanks, unfortunately that's not me singing. I'm the clown on the guitar.

    Miranda however has an AWESOME voice, very powerful.
  8. :facepalm:



    Hey! The guitar sounds pretty good too!


    She's got a really strong voice - kinda reminds me of the lead in Lacuna Coil.
  9. update - we're still no 1- woot!

    different song though, but hey it's still wootable!
  10. woot woot, my vote counted!! Democracy at it's best. :LOL:
  11. SweeEEEEttt tash... Does this get you airplay?
  12. no unfortunately, JJJ pick bands that they think fit their musical agenda to play.
    So being the no 1 band for 3 weeks straight doesn't mean airplay. BUT it does mean we're on the front page of Unearthed when it loads, which means more people will listen to our music.

    we are getting played on the local adelaide station Three D FM though!
  13. No.? Holy crap - that's brilliant! Top stuff guys :applause: