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Band Photos

Discussion in 'Non-Bikes' started by MelbourneMick, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. Pics of the band Toe to Toe i took in 1999


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  2. was that before colour film? only joking very cool hardcore even
  3. yes it was taken in colour with a 25 year old Pentax camera. Manual zoom the whole bit. for some reason it they looked better with the B&W wash
  4. just googled them havent heard of them before thou ive been out of the scene a while are they from melbourne? i like
  5. They are from Sydney. Had more lineup chnges than I have had hot dinners. Scotty mac (vocals) has pretty much kept the band going all this time. I think he loves up the Gold Coast now but the band still does at least one East Coast Tour each year,
  6. nice shots there!

    im still relatively new to this photography stuff, but i am really keen to try some band stuff.

    going to sparkadia on friday night, rang the venue and they werent sure whether or not ill get the dslr in :( said worst case is it get cloaked. got a few more gigs coming up soon (woohoo), but as they are all at decent sized venues im expecting the same problem.

    how have people got around this? :)
  7. Ok, so was lucky enough to get in with my little camera last night to Sparkadia. Took plenty of photos from in the crowd, kinda hard to move around, but for first time with band stuff, i think some turned out good enough.

    The lighting sure makes things tricky sometimes, played around with settings quite a few times (A mode, full M, changing up iso and the like) so was a good learning experience! Only gripe i have with the majority of them is just how noisy my camera is, even at 800 iso (though this is understandable)

    But ill shut up, sparkadia 16/9/11.





  8. enigma you made a good job on this last ones a ripper.
    You are better to get the pictures sharp and bit of noise than too soft and no noise
    Do you use ps and lightroom?

    Most major Venues have a ban on Dslr
  9. thanks mate! i figured that noise was better than blur.

    i did photoshop them a little, no more than basic adjustments and for the first time had a quick fiddle with... levels? im super nooby at PS. LR havent had a look at yet.

    yeah, was surprised i got in with it. that last shot i was lucky with, i was just holding camera above my head, haha. kinda jealous of the photogs who get to go in the little gap right at the front, lol.