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Band art - need a new logo (again)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by edgelett, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. Short version: Due to a large number of issues which I don't want to discuss publicly, we've decided not to use the logo our band hired someone to develop/produce for us.

    We then hired someone else to develop it for us, and after 2 weeks of us waiting they have now told us they can't start to look at it for us for another 2 weeks.

    so now with just over 1 month for our EP launch we really don't have time to get our banner/t-shirts & stickers done up for the launch...bugger.

    I'm therefore looking for someone who can develop a new logo for the band The Irresponsibles as quick as possible.

    The purpose of the logo is for us to use it to promote our band - we will be using it on posters, t-shirts, stickers, stubby holders, & other merch.

    If you're interested or can help, please PM me ASAP.
  2. LMFAO

    that's awesome - i'll e-mail those to our singer right now & say 'hey you'll never know this but i had the solution all the time!'
  3. Clearly, it's time for your "white album" with no logos at all!
  4. No, clearly it's time for the "Smell The Glove" ablum!
  5. lol
    the album art is all fine actually...
    it's a logo we can use on posters that's the problem
  6. Grab what's on the album art and run it through to posters etc. It saves design time, as well as unifies a brand for your buying market. We do it all the time, the album concept has to work on business cards, letterhead, posters, websites, the lot.
  7. we can't.

    i'll discuss it with you privately Loz, but suffice to say that due to copyright laws we cannot use our album artwork for promotion of the band and cannot change it in any way.

    which is why we need a new logo.
  8. I can help you out with a logo if you like, I was reffered here by my brother, but I can't PM due to insufficient posts so I've contacted you on myspace, and, with the look of your band page, vector art and what not, I should be able to trick you out a bit. That sort of stuff is generally what I specialise in. I'll send a copy of this message to your myspace and you can tell me what your after.

    eg, something along the lines of the following;

    colours; black & whites, blues and yellows
    theme; macabre/horror, retro, pop
    size; 200x/800x or whatever
    style; abstract, simple, random
    text; the irresponsibles
  9. The Irresponsibles? There are so many things you can do on a motorcycle that are Irresponsible that you should be able to easily draw that! Mind you these days even owning a bloody motorbike is viewed as being Irresponsible! :grin:

    I would go with artwork that shows something funny but totally Irresponsible. If you make it memorable people remember you! Good luck! Checked out the myspace stuff, what is with Miranda's funny hat?
  10. hey guys,
    one of my friends contacted me yesterday before i read the last 2 messages, and she's going to do somethign for us at this stage.

    if it falls through i'll let people know.


    re:the hat, well everyone needs an image to be remembered!

  11. PM me with details if you want.
    You may be surprised....... :grin:
  12. I got advice from a copyright lawyer in SA.
    and no we're not going to do the 'change 25% and it doesn't breach anything' clause.

    but thanks for the offer.
  13. If you like I can make them large and e-mail them to you ...
    or let me know what you want done.


    Please note:
    I don't know how to make the image smaller.
  14. Nice work Damian - 2nd from the top rocks.
  15. looks like plenty of talented people here. i've also forwarded a copy of this link to another NR who i know does design work and might be able to help.
  16. thanks everyone, i appreciate that people are going to the effort for us.

    I said earlier in the thread:

    I WILL however save all designs we've been provided with/shown so far, but I need a PM from you G2teg advising us of how much you charge before we make any futher decisions.
  17. by the way I like the 2nd one down from the top too - kick arse :twisted:
  18. +1 and I also the second from bottom is cool
  19. You got good taste, Loz