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Banana Lollies

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Greydog, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. My mum wanted some banana lollies to include in the lolly dishes for the card ladies coming to our place tomorrow/later today. She told me she couldn't find any.

    I "pfft'd" and went to Coles, thinking she didn't look properly, but no, not a single banana lolly to be had.

    Has Coles decided not to sell them, or did Hurricane Sandy wipe out all the banana lolly plantations?
  2. I think they've been a party mix only item for a long time. Have they been ejected from the party mix? Because that would be a major issue.
  3. Dunno. We had them about 8 weeks ago when the card ladies came here LAST time.

    I hate it when the card ladies come here.... :( It's such a PITA.
  4. I hope they're not playing strip poker :p
  5. Maybe they're playing poker for lollies and banana lollies is the major currency?
  6. You might need to try one of those "pick and mix" lolly places if Coles has stopped stocking them or maybe IGA?
  7. I remember when I could go down to the local milk bar and get 20c worth of mixed lollies in an overflowing bag... and I couldn't eat them all before I got sick of the sugar! I wasn't a fan of the bananna lollies though - I preferred mint leaves.

    Do you have a lolly shop nearby GD?
  8. safeway brand ones still existed a couple of months back.
  9. I remember that too, rob. Made me the chubby little bugger I was all through primary school when I'd go to the milkbar to get a packet of smokes for mum and she'd let me keep the change (from $2!) "Mates" were my lolly of choice. 1 cent each or 25 for 20 cents from memory. Ahhh, nostalgia.
  10. lol @ serving penis shaped foods to the "card ladies"
  11. Try the pick and mi x at your local cinema. Campbell's if you have access. Some corner stores still sell them. The $2 shops usually stock them.

    I just realised that I spend a lot of time organising kids parties =\
  12. Apparently Sunlight soap has disappeared off the shelves.
  13. Still in the laundry aisle at my local woolies.
  14. Maybe someone noticed that they make kids behave in a manner liable to get them tasered.
  15. coles are only intetested in selling chinese imported foods
  16. By some strange coincidence, a work colleague was talking about buying banana lollies for her daughter's birthday party. I believe she got them in K-Mart.
  17. Their drop in popularity may have something to do with the fact the sulphur based colouring they use is an allergen for many kids (though what isn't these days :rolleyes:).

    It's also been accused of causing ADD. That's not been proven, but of course that hasn't stopped the likes of ACA/TT and similar bastions of media integrity running scare campaigns about it.
  18. Quick!!!! Rush out to the airport . They have those huge lolly counters where you serve yourself and pay for what you don't eat. I am sure they sell em.
  19. That's the second time today I've had to fix one of your posts, mate. You're slipping.