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Ban of a fifty year old TV advert

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mr Flibble, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. A search to find out if the guys that wrote and played in The League of Gentlemen did anything else led me to Psychoville. BTW, If you liked Roysten Vasey you'll love Psychoville.

    In the first episode a reference is made to Tony Hancock - one of the characters hates him for what he did to Sid James. Not knowing what that was about, I paused the video and googled "Tony Hancock" "Sid James", and eventually found that Hancock dumped him from the show as he didn't want to be seen as a double act. But that's not what I'm writing about....

    One of the Hancock sites led me to this:


    It's from 2007, so old news, but even so...

  2. Ah hahahahahah!

    Ah hahahahahah!

    Quite frankly if they ban an ad for saying you can eat an egg a day. I'd like to see all those damn 'infomercial' ads banned. I'm sick of seeing every night on tv, some retards talking about 'signs of aging' makeup so people who are scared to et a wrinkle can hide it, vacuum cleaners, shamwow cloths, and the rest of that stupid crap.

    "Set it to cook, and you're off the hook!"

    Good times.... Not.
  3. It was banned back in 2007 when most health bods were saying not to eat any more than 3 a week, It's still a shit decision but there is a kind of internal logic.

    As this is a UK story it's probably worth mentioning that there are no infomercials on UK TV.
  4. Lucky buggers.....
  5. Best thing I read recently was a quote from something like the head of medical (+ natural?) medical / skin thing in Aus, sorry for being vague, but he said "Just remember, if anything actually can change properties of the skin, legally in Australia it HAS to be only available by prescription" It also debunked their "93% of people in a clinical test showed difference" and all that, just basically, all these things that cost $$, cannot actually do anything to change the skin (especially what they advertise they can do)
  6. Looks like the yolks on someone!
  7. But if dey ban dis stuf. How wil i no how meny eggs 2 eet?

  8. sigh. still at least they didnt complain about "wheres me bloody soldiers" cause it was sexist