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Ban Murdercycles - The rantings of a blogger

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chef, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. http://hubpages.com/hub/Ban-Hayabusa--CBR--ZX--YZF--etc-From-Roads-Now

    I've highlighted my favourite bit. I believe I would punch this man if we ever had to discuss this in a pub.

  2. While we're at it we might as well ban free speech also to shut the asshat up.
  3. Good thinking, ban that too.
  5. while we're at it, it's also 2 years old and seems quite like a troll or just an old man on drugs.

    either way, there's already tonnes of comments that you could read for days,
  6. Sensationalistic bullsh*t. No offense to Chef but this crap so called article doesn't deserve the bandwidth it devours whilst reading.
  7. We've never had the right to free speech, so no need to ban it.

    If you want free speech then move to the USA. But be prepared to be shot at by people wanting to kill you for disagreeing with their "free speech". ;)
  8. I wanted to smack him too based on what you quoted. And his generalisations make me want to vomit into his underwear drawer when he's not looking.

    But in the midst of his vitriolic blogfarts he grounds his thesis on some quite thought provoking statistics. And since the guy is actually passionate about motorbikes it's worth a look...

  9. you can troll thorugh the 'Net and find any amount of this mindless rubbish; it achieves nothing (except to reinforce the persecution complex of some riders).
  10. If you actually read down the page, This turkey did all the things that are giving us a bad name,
    He should have been locked up and the keys thrown away,

    He gives all these statements and facts on how fast he was riding,

    On big high powered motor cycles of the time,

    They were the fastest of all motor cycles back then,

    With shit full brakes and suspensions that came out of a rubber bag,

    I personally think he lost his nerve, and jealous that people can still ride a fast bike and he cant,
  11. Why repost this rubbish? You should have left the rant in the backwaters of the net.
  12. So I only just found it, sue me.

    Yeah I was thinking the same thing, but I find people with these attitudes interesting. Nobody has picked up on the bike embedded into the car is a 400, not a Hyabusa. So let's say for arguments sake a few radicals with some statistics behind them can garner support for their beliefs, what then?
    Sometimes it feels like pissing into the wind to just say there are people who want to see motorcycles banned, I find it helps to find a bit of evidence. Click on his profile and check out his bio, he's not just another nutbag with a blog. He's got a following, if he has any influence then he's dangerous. There are people like him who have the influence, power and mindset to make them very dangerous. When I can dig out the evidence I will.

    No it's called trawling ya clown, trawling. A troll is...... well you for example.

    And don't start a pissing contest on who contributes the better content to the site, you come up empty handed.
  13. *sues chef*
  14. is that a vfr400 lodged in the side of the lunchbox?
    loved the way he separated busa's from other gixxers... tool!
    bikes don't kill riders, they do that themselves
  15. Since you asked
  16. +1 Alexanderino - ~gold~

  17. Bastards :p
  18. "I have personally witnessed countless lives snuffed out whose only fault was sharing the public road with a deranged, maniacal, witless, hysterical idiot of a rider engaging in a fit of supersport velocity delirium."

    He has personally witnessed countless fatalities???And he wants to be taken credibily??


  19. ..........

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