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Ban Motorbikes!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by [FLUX], Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Displays logic about on par with those who believe that the carbon tax will achieve anything worthwhile. (*cheeky trollish grin*)


  2. Get FARKED.
  3. How spooky. Just a few weeks ago I was arguing with a fellow that the public cost argument could easily be invoked to ban motorcycling.
  4. Cue the outraged responses and vitriol.
  5. Ban ALL cars/trucks which emit fumes and are polluting the planet. People should either use public transport (electric of course), ride motorbikes (less emission hence less pollution) or use specific push bike tracks so as not to interfere with motorbike riders.

  6. Playing with yourself in public should be restricted to cute women........
  7. Cue Julia gillard introducing a 'ban motorcycle' campaign so she can 'look' good to the Australian public and her American friends. Just like this carbon tax thingymebobby.

    I wonder how they get these figures... And if they show the split of at fault to not at fault incidents.

    Article is full of buffalo doo doo to me.
  8. didn't even get past the first half of the article before wishing I could work out how to stab someone in the face over the internet.
  9. I'm guessing that fuckwit didn't ask himself how many of those cars killed a motorcyclist
  10. +1 goz.

    I would love to see these figures..
  11. ah, yes, but, if they were in a CAR, they probably would not have been killed. AND, if everyone was in cars, you'd have the added bonus of more traffic congestion = slower speeds = less fatalities... it's a Win/Win
  12. Yep, given his examples, we should ban cars cause they hurt two out of the three riders he mentioned :D
  13. Agreed PLUS they cause pollution. V6/V8 4WDs with 1 passenger (Emitting fumes, taking up space) and causing danger to other cars AND Motorbikes while drinking coffee, texting, setting up GPS and changing radio stations at the same time.

    So ban cars.
  14. This is what is known as Paid Trolling:
    Put something out there that is so farking REDONKULOUS that you're sure to get 100's of outraged reads/clicks/comments, thereby able to sell more space to your advertisers.
    Well played, Sir.
  15. While it's true that drivers are dying less, so are motorcyclists. Motorcyclist's greatest risk in urban environments is from drivers at intersections.

    The author of the article is an ignorant git - and can only argue such a case because of the arrogant position of and the absolute luxury of having space to drive a car. Congestion issues are forcing authorities to re-look at motorbikes and very small/single occupant cars.

    One factor that makes motorcycling look particularly bad is when we're compared to driver fatalities. In the UK, there are areas where riders represent 21% of the total road toll. This has people running around saying that the sky is falling! A stat like that looks bad.

    The thing is though, that cars have been designed to improve crash survivability - air bags, air curtains, crumple zones, side impact protection, survival capsules, collapsible steering columns etc etc etc. so less drivers are dying in crashes. MC's don't have this paraphernalia however, motorcyclists are experiencing a very demonstrable reduction in fatality rate (discussed and demo'd by me on NR several times), which can only be occuring because of better tyres, brakes, awareness, riding attitude, roads and very importantly skills... but it still looks bad and do gooders want to save us from ourselves.

    Despite the drop in driver fatalities, to the best of my knowledge, there's NO EVIDENCE that cars are crashing less... but that's a very difficult stat to nail down specially from a VKT or on a per capita type basis, which I think is a HUGE blind spot.

    Information I saw a while back suggested that insurance claims were on the up, particularly at intersections... which is why the national road safety strategy wants to impose artificially low speed limits at intersections... as Cheffie loves to point out, the road system is fast becoming a "Please crash safely" system :roll:

    One of the key reasons intersection crashes are on the way up is due to the blind spots that are caused by housing those air curtains and bags. By making occupants safer they've made cars more dangerous... and let's not even touch on the risk compensation side of the argument...
  16. Lynch mob!!!!!!!!!
  17. Remember this is an american article and they have lax helmet laws in some states so survivable accidents there are compounded by not wearing helmets.
    We should not compare their stats with ours and as such the article is a wank.
  18. what a douche
  19. While the article is obviously inflamatory, it does make a couple of good points, in that motorcycle riders are injured/killed more often on the roads, and the cost to society is not insignificant.

    I would postulate that there are 2 main causes of accidents involving riders. The first is the 2 vehicle crash where a (usually) car does not see the bike and while the rider is not at fault, they are the ones who cop most of the damage. The second cause is of single rider crashes into trees etc, where the rider has been hooning it and lost it.

    The solution to the first of these is education. My wife has recently got her bike licence, and has had her eyes opened to things she would do in a car that would make life harder for a rider, such as not leaving enough room, or underestimating acceleration and braking ability of a bike. Education for starting bike riders is needed as it is dangerous. But education of car drivers is even more important.

    As for the second type of crash. If you take them off bikes then they will kill themselves in cars, and injure more people at the same time.
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